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I’d like to first give a shoutout and a special thank you to the Mayans for wrongly predicting the demise of our species. With the fear of a zombie apocalypse/giant asteroid crashing into the Earth now behind us, what better way is there to celebrate the arrival of 2013 (and the survival of the human race) than to stuff our faces?

looloo’s Trending Places to start off 2013 -- Marshmallowman

If you’ve noticed, restaurants are dominating the looloo iPhone app’s list of trending places. As if the Noche Buena and New Year’s Eve feasts weren’t enough, it seems like we Pinoys just looooove to eat. With the new year ahead of us, live a little! I think it’s just about the perfect time to try out some new food joints! YOLO.

The Top 13 Trending Restaurants Reviewed on looloo to Kick Off 2013 (Part One)*


13. Tokyo Bubble Tea – Tomas Morato

Surprise surprise (nat!), a milk tea place! Without a doubt, milk tea is one of 2012’s biggest trends but what sets Tokyo Bubble Tea apart is the fact that they serve some pretty good grub as well! From Japanese sushi rolls to rice topping dishes, don’t be fooled by the name, this place seems to be a favorite of those in the Tomas Morato area.

12. Umami Hambaagu House – Rockwell’s The Grove

Everybody loves a good burger steak. They’ve been around for as far back as I can remember but Umami Hambaagu took it to a whole new level by introducing authentic Japanese-style burger steaks to Manileño foodies looking for something new. Chatter about this newly-opened food joint centers around the unique interpretations of the fast-food staple (Burger steak + foie gras? Oh you fancy, huh!). Oh, and their drinks are supposedly pretty good too!

11. Haru Sushi Bar and Restaurant – Kapitolyo

The first Kapitolyo place to make its way to looloo’s Trending list (them foodies looooove Kapitolyo!). Boasting of an ambience that some have said make them feel like they’re actually in Japan (get this: waitresses in Kimonos!) and based on the positive reviews it’s been getting, Haru just might be the dark horse in the already crowded Japanese restaurant scene. Itadakimasu!!

10. Recovery Food – The Fort

A newcomer on the list, Recover Food has definitely drawn the attention of Metro Manila’s night owls (and slightly drunk party-goers). This is just me, but it makes sense — from the photos I’ve seen, their offerings look like the kind of meals I WISH I could cook up while half-asleep in the middle of the night. Give their Tapa de Morning (see what they did there? LOL) a try!

9. Nolita – BHS Central

With pizza slices so big that they can barely fit on a plate, Nolita first began gaining fame for its Italian-inspired offerings. However, some of the more recent reviews for Nolita have begun talking about its other dishes as well — showing that this popular BHS Central restaurant ain’t just a one-trick pony! According to reviews, their burger, chicken, and sliced steak sandwich are worth trying too!

8. Cafe Mary Grace – Serendra

The first Filipino restaurant on the list, review photos on the app are mostly of ensaymadas, cheese rolls, pastas, and the cafe’s cozy and warm interiors. Personally, the best review of Cafe Mary Grace I’ve read on looloo is a one-sentencer: “Everything you love about home is here.” Sold.

Watch out for part two later this week! (Ha! That gives you just enough time to go out and try the first 6! )


*As of January 4, 2013