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Put on your eating pants boys and girls (why yes, I do in fact have a pair of loose jeans that I wear specifically for days that I know I’ll be pigging out), it’s time for part 2 of the looloo app’s 2013 Trending Restaurants list!

The Top 13 Trending Restaurants Reviewed on looloo to Kick Off 2013


*As of January 4, 2013

7. Charlie’s Grind & Grill – Kapitolyo

Trending Restaurants on the looloo app - Charlie's Grind & Grill

Cook awesome food and the people will come. Charlie’s has gone a long way from being the beside-a-car-wash-burger-joint it was back then. Expanding from its original Kapitolyo base, Charlie’s Grind & Grill has built quite a foodie following. Despite the expansion though, it’s the original that makes it to the Trending list. It makes sense, Charlie’s made getting your car washed something you’d actually look forward to!

6. Spiral – Sofitel Philippine Plaza

Trending Restaurants on the looloo app -- Spiral

After several months of top-secret renovation (costing a whopping $11M!!!!), Spiral once again finds itself being one of Metro Manila’s most drool-worthy restaurants. While some people’s reviews make this place seem like a foodie dream, a few others have conflicting opinions too. If you’ve got the cash, I’m pretty sure it’s worth finding out for yourself!

5. Borough – Podium

Trending Restaurants on the looloo app - Borough

Compared to the previous restaurant (a meat-lover’s haven), this would probably be a more fitting hiding place should you find yourself being chased by a bloodthirsty zombie hoard. People praise Borough’s dimly lit interiors, its ambience, and the fact that it’s relatively well-hidden considering it’s right smack in the middle of the Ortigas area. That, and well, they have beer.

4. Burger Bar – Greenbelt 2

Trending Restaurants on the looloo app - Burger Bar

Finally taking down the “Soft Opening” sign from its front door, Burger Bar’s gourmet meat masterpieces seem to have gotten foodies singing praises for Greenbelt’s latest diner-style resto. May the cows butchered to make these delicious patties rest in peace, your sacrifices were not in vain!

3. Slice – BHS Central

Trending Restaurants on the looloo app - Slice

“The choco yema cupcake is life-changing” reads Slice’s latest looloo review. For all the sweet-tooths out there who let 2012 go by without trying one of Slice’s sweet concoctions, shame on you! Grab one. Now. Seriously. It’s already received 53 recommendations and 19 5-star reviews. Why aren’t you out the door yet??

2. RUB Ribs & BBQ – Kapitolyo

Trending Restaurant on the looloo app - RUB

Did the “Eat healthy!” new year’s resolution go out of style in 2012? It sure seems like it. After all, how can one say no to the allure of char-grilled meat smothered in barbecue sauce? With wallet-friendly prices and hefty servings (family style, pero pwede ring pang-isang tao lang pag feeling PG), it seems RUB’s American food fare has won over the hearts (and stomachs) of more than just a few.

1. Yabu – SM MOA

Trending restaurants on the looloo app - Yabu

Since day 1, Yabu has been the undisputed king/queen/whatever-it-is of looloo’s Trending charts. With the other 2 branches already garnering 135 reviews from 133 reviewers, Yabu SM MOA, the bunso of the Katsu masters family (opening just last November) is following in its older siblings’ footsteps by topping the list with a 5-star average rating to boot.

GET THIS! As of writing, another place has in fact, dethroned Yabu! Any guesses? Get on the looloo app and see for yourself!


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    January 15, 2013

    Nice! My Borough photo made it to your blog!:)

    • EJ dela Vega
      January 22, 2013

      Yup! It was a really good one! :D