looloo’s Christmas Break Bucket List!

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Ah, the Christmas season… noche buena, lechon, and oh yeah… CHRISTMAS BREAK, BOOYAAAAAAH! For the lucky few that actually get a quick break from school or work during the holiday season: we at looloo have prepared a quick infographic for you guys to fully maximize the FUN-ness potential of what otherwise would’ve been days spent […]

looloo’s First-Ever Brunch Rendezvoos at kuppa!

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Last week was a big deal for The looloo Crew — we hosted the very first looloo rendezvoos! The theme of this mini-milestone: BRUNCH! Asking extremely nicely to not seem like total creepos, we got in touch with and invited a few of looloo’s top reviewers to join us for a quick get-together. In hindsight, […]

looloo Version 1.1: A Quick Sneak Peek!

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Here’s something special for our looloo friends with blogs, Twitter accounts, and those who just love to personalize everything! No, we won’t offer embroidered towels or pamaypays. We’ll have something even better: you’ll soon be able to personalize your looloo profile page! Have a look and see if you can spot the changes! Aside from […]

The looloo Holiday Giveaway!

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We’re all excited to share with you our humble holiday giveaway! Don’t worry, it’s not a picture frame. It’s not a fruitcake either! For the gadget enthusiasts or even hoarders out there, listen up! This year’s holiday giveaway allows you to listen to the soundtrack of your life – for up to 40 straight hours. […]

looloo’s Suggested Users: Maxene “Queenstagram” Magalona

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Choosing the title “Queenstagram” for herself on the looloo app was probably a pretty easy decision for Maxene. For the 197,000+ fans that follow her on Instagram, it must be pretty thrilling to witness how Maxene shares snippets of her life on the photo-sharing network — be it her not-so-secret love for all things Hello […]

Live on looloo PPV: The Battle of the Twice-Fried Chicken Joints!

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Contrary to popular belief, Pacquiao-Marquez isn’t the hottest fight of 2012. Chicken lang ‘yun… literally! With branches popping up as fast as PacMan’s punches, it seems like we’re still in the early rounds of the face-off between the best-known twice-fried chicken joints in Metro Manila! Our latest looloo infographic tells us the tale of the […]

The looloo T-shirt Giveaway: Round 1!

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Move over, skinny jeans, plunging V-necks (for dudes), peplum skirts, and Aztec prints, there’s a new fashion trend for the season and here’s YOUR chance to be ahead of the pack! We’re giving away 5 looloo shirts this week — and all you guys have to do is to keep on reviewing places on the […]