Organize Your looloo-ing: Use Lists!

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Want to bookmark a place on looloo that you’d like to visit sometime soon? Maybe the looloo reviews say it’s a romantic place that will probably impress your date. Or maybe it’s a restaurant you think you should hit up when you’re done with your no-rice diet. Whatever your reasons may be, you don’t need […]

looloo’s Foodie Pics of the Week! #1

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Introducing looloo’s Foodie Pics of the Week: where we feature only the most mouthwatering photos from restaurant reviews YOU sent in through the looloo app! Each week, we’ll be featuring 3 photos that got our stomachs grumbling and mouths watering. Enough talking, bring on the food porn! The Bar Burger – Tanya B. in her […]

Spotted on the iTunes App Store: Streetfood Tycoon World Tour!

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The looloo crew supports Filipino game developer Erick Garayblas of KuyiMobile and his newest creation, Streetfood Tycoon: World Tour! If you’re just about to download this iOS game, consider yourself warned. SFT World Tour is even more addicting than the original Streetfood Tycoon! This one has Quick Serve bonus points (for those with super fast […]

looloo’s Suggested User: The Frustrated Foodie, Abe Olandres

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Abe Olandres is not just looloo’s “Frustrated Foodie”, he’s also the gadget junkie and blogging success story behind YugaTech! For those unfamiliar with the local blog or tech scene, YugaTech is Philippines’ Number 1 Tech Blog… with hordes of readers and supporters to boot! I’ve always thought that the blog was named YugaTech as a […]

NEW: View looloo Places on Your Interwebz Browsers!

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We’re bringing some looloo lovin’ to the web by introducing place profile pages that anyone can view from their desktops, laptops, tablets (phablets? LOL), or phones. Each place’s profile page on the web showcases its name (duh), address, type of place (e.g. American food, spa, hotel), and when available, its business hours. Included also is […]

13 Restaurants dominating looloo’s Trending Places to start off 2013! (Part Two)

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Put on your eating pants boys and girls (why yes, I do in fact have a pair of loose jeans that I wear specifically for days that I know I’ll be pigging out), it’s time for part 2 of the looloo app’s 2013 Trending Restaurants list! The Top 13 Trending Restaurants Reviewed on looloo to […]

Cue the Fireworks! The Winner of Our Holiday iPod Touch Giveaway is…

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Someone just had a rockin’ start to the New Year… rockin’ in the sense that beginning today, she’ll probably be blasting out tunes on her brand new iPod Touch! Congratulations to the winner of our Holiday iPod Touch Giveaway, Nicole B., pictured below with the looloo balloonicorn and our resident underwear model. :) Nicole dropped […]

13 Restaurants Dominating looloo’s Trending Places to start off 2013! (Part One)

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I’d like to first give a shoutout and a special thank you to the Mayans for wrongly predicting the demise of our species. With the fear of a zombie apocalypse/giant asteroid crashing into the Earth now behind us, what better way is there to celebrate the arrival of 2013 (and the survival of the human […]