A looloo Nail Sparty Rendezvoos!

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Real men get their nails done. Just ask the guys who went with us when we had our first looloo Nail Sparty rendezvoos! A “sparty” is a portmanteau (word of the day) of spa and party! A nail sparty on the other hand, is a group of people hanging out while getting their nails done. […]

looloo’s Foodie Pics of the Week! #9 (French Macarons!)

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Nope, macaron is not another way of spelling macaroon. Trust me, I know a couple of people who would throw a fit if they hear anyone say “macaroons” when really, it’s “macarons.” (I’ve learned my lesson.) Macaroons are those chewy mini cupcake-looking things that have dried coconut meat. Macarons, on the other hand, are meringue-based […]

Our Latest iPhone 4S Winner is Probably Psychic

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Congratulations to the winner of our latest looloo iPhone 4S giveaway, Lara! One of her looloo app reviews was randomly selected out of the 1,287 qualified entries for the promo. The last 3 winners have all been girls. Where all the homies at, yo?? …and that would’ve been the end of our post had she […]

looloo’s Foodie Pics of the Week! #8 (Froyo!)

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Just from the number of “OMG time to work on my Bora body!” posts I’ve seen lately, it’s pretty clear… summer has arrived. Yes, VJ Greg’s favorite time of the year is in full stride — beach-bound promo flights are fully-booked, vacation leave requests are piling up and people are unboxing their mmmmm… b’kiniz. While we […]

Spotted: Roaches in looloo Reviewers’ Food [NSFWS: Not Safe for Weak Stomachs]

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What’s worse than an ipis? A flying ipis. What’s worse than a flying ipis? Read on and find out. Sure there are restaurants that are going to get bad reviews on looloo, that’s a given. Sometimes it’s because of bad service, other times it’s bland food, heck, sometimes even bad parking is reason enough to […]

looloo’s Foodie Pics of the Week! #6 (Steak!)

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Calling all carnivores! While previous foodie pics of the week have been on the dainty(?) side with breakfast, sushi, and sashimi, I felt that this week should be different. This time around, we’ll be paying homage to the king of meats — the big, fat, juicy steak. While not the prettiest of dishes out there, […]

How to Take Drool-Worthy Food Photos with Your iPhone

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Because looloo has tons of restaurant reviews, admittedly, most of us (guilty!) end up taking pictures of our food more than anything else. Unfortunately, the trying-hard n00b food photographer in me cries a little inside whenever my shots end up looking, well… let’s just say they’re not very appetizing. -__- Erick works his magic even […]

How to Increase Your looloo Inflooence Score

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Hate looking at that bokya Inflooence score on your looloo profile? You don’t have to tell our marketing dude, EJ, that he looks like a model (or maybe you can, if you’re feeling generous). You just need to be really smart with your place recommendations! Here’s how to get rid of the bokya Inflooence Score: […]

Litratong Pagkain sa looloo… ika-6 na Linggo! (Pinoy Espesyal!)

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Kahit minsan ay hindi kagandahan ang mga ibang nakasanayan nating mga Pilipinong ulam (isipin niyo na lang ang adobong pusit, chicharon bulaklak, dinuguan, o isaw), bawing-bawi naman sa lasa ang mga putaheng tulad ng sinigang, kare-kare, at crispy pata! Kaya naman para sa linggong ito, naisipan namin dito sa looloo na i-feature ang mga litratong […]