4 Things You Can Do to Get More Comments on Your looloo Reviews

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Let’s all admit it. It’s fun getting comments and likes! Whether it’s on Facebook or looloo, it’s exciting (don’t lie!) checking our notification screens! Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean we’re full of ourselves (although that is possible, too). According to Chinie Diaz of Rappler, we actually get a dose of dopamine when people react and […]

Boracay Foodie Pics are Bad for Your Six Pack Abs

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You spend months preparing for the big beach trip. You put in tons of intense training to make sure that those six pack abs look good for the inevitable barrage of Instagram and Facebook photos you’re probably going to be tagged in (Don’t deny it! You know it’s true!). And in between all the fun […]

Buffet-Eating Tactics Spotted at looloo’s Second Eatup

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The combination of looloo members and food is like… Derek Ramsey and abs. Or EDSA and traffic. Or heck, even Taylor Swift and heartbreaks! You simply cannot imagine one without the other. Which is why we weren’t surprised that sign-ups doubled after we announced that the second looloo Eatup was going to be at a […]

Foodie Pics of the Week: (All Together Now) *Resorts World Manilaaaa…*

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You’ve all heard the radio ads. The King & I, The Sound of Music, and of course, the infamous mystery girl whose sort of become the unofficial voice behind *whisper* Resorts World Manila. While known to theater enthusiasts for its performing arts hall (or to those who fancy games of chance, its expansive casino!), the […]

Out of This World Foodie Pics from Jupiter (Street)!

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Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, and apparently… good-lookin’ food is from Jupiter. Jupiter Street, anyway. From old school dining places to trendy new restaurants, Jupiter St. in Makati has evolved into a favorite destination for lunchbreak binges and after-work foodtrips.  If these photos from looloo users are any indication of the grub […]

Fresh From the Oven: looloo Version 1.3!

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This app update is like a pandesal. Aside from being freshly-made, it was also warmly (pun intended) created in a pugon-like environment! Fun fact: We actually had to buy extra fans for the office since our AC couldn’t take this summer heat! While you can’t really eat our finished product, we think version 1.3’s new […]

Robots Answer looloo Support Emails?

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If you’ve ever requested for a place to be added on looloo via our handy-dandy support or suggest email addresses, then you’ve probably met either Pam, Jacy, or Roegan. To answer the title’s question, no, they’re not robots (though on days they get tons of emails, they do end up sounding like Alpha from the […]

Guts and Gutterballs: The looloo Bowling Rendezvoos!

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All we told our invitees was that the rendezvoos was going to involve some sort of physical activity and that they should wear clothes they’d be comfortable enough to run around in. Nothing more. It could have been antigravity yoga. Or crossfit. Or maybe even a marathon… around Eastwood… at 12 noon. It could have […]