looloo Specials Now Live on Version 1.5! Huzzah!

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While the rest of world is currently gushing over the birth of His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge, we here at looloo also have a reason to celebrate. It may not be as royal and probably won’t end up on TMZ… but it does involve making looloo users feel like mini-royals with freebies and […]

Just in Time for “The Wolverine”: The Top Rated Movie Theaters on looloo!

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Move over, Minions. After the wave of cutesy feel-good films like Despicable Me and Monsters University, it’s time to get a bit of testosterone in our systems. “The Wolverine” premieres in theaters all over Metro Manila tomorrow, and for all those craving for some PG-rated hack and slash action, we’ve put together a list of Metro […]

The looloo Hoodie Raffle Winners Plus the Top 36 looloo Geeks!

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They took the quiz, got perfect scores and were then chosen by the looloo gods of randomness to win the much-coveted looloo hoodie! Very looloo-geeky AND lucky! Considering that only 8% (or 17 out of 109 quiz takers) got a perfect score, it’s probably safe to say that the looloo quiz isn’t the easiest test […]

The Ultimate looloo Quiz for looloo Geeks

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Move over personality quizzes and IQ tests! The ultimate looloo quiz for looloo geeks is now live! We think it’s the only test any active looloo user will ever want to take… at least in the next 3 days. Getting a perfect score in this looloo quiz won’t mean much in the real world but […]

These Lasagna Pics Look Good Enough to Land Garfield in a Food Coma

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It’s another edition of looloo’s Foodie Pics of the Week and for this post, we stalked read through all your looloo reviews in search of the most mouthwatering lasagna food photos. To do this, we put ourselves in the shoes (errr… paws?) of the pasta’s biggest fan — Garfield! Imagining ourselves as overweight orange cats who […]

4 Speculoos Cookie Butter Concoctions and Where to Find Them in Manila

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The Speculoos Cookie Butter Craze has taken over Manila and the gooey (and sometimes crunchy) stuff is invading pantries and lunchboxes across Metro Manila. There must be something in it that’s making people fall in speculoove with the stuff! Some people spread it on bread, some just eat it straight from the jar, and some […]

The Top 3 Cupcake Places on looloo!

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Need to brighten up a woman’s day? If she’s a looloo reviewer, don’t get her flowers. They’re overrated. That, and she can’t eat them. Get her food. No, not burong mangga. We’re thinking… cupcakes. Why not? They’re pretty and delicious! Plus, nothing says you’d still love her even if she gained a couple of extra […]

‘Summer Ain’t Over!’ Say These looloo Resort Reviews

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While most people’s looloo app feeds are likely full of restaurant reviews, let’s not forget that the app’s not just for the foodies out there. In fact, you’d be surprised at how many looloo resort reviews people have submitted! While most of us city folk sink back into the post-summer daily grind, it seems some […]

Pusong Bato Remix and Poetry for a looloo Hoodie? Bigyan ng Jacket!

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We ran a Facebook giveaway contest last week asking looloo users to tell us WHY they deserve the looloo hoodie. We had all sorts of wonderful answers! From the paawa effect to acrostics to poems to someone even offering to become looloo’s model (we should look into that) – choosing the two winners was a […]

Best, Haven’t Tried, Uncharted, and Open Now: looloo Explore Filters (Part 2!)

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It’s part 2 of of our how-to series for the looloo Explore filters! In this post, we cover the remaining 4 filters that should help turn you into a place-finding expert with just a few swipes of your finger! Impress your friends, family, and neighbors (that cute boy/girl-next-door you’ve been crushing on since forever) by showing ‘em […]