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On gloomy and rainy days (much like the ones we’ve been experiencing these past couple of weeks), we average folk probably enjoy the quiet time at home, buried under the covers, enjoying the soothing lullaby of the raindrops on our roofs and windows.

However, this doesn’t apply to looloo’s very own non-conformist, @Roegan T. To him, it’s the perfect time for him to pick up his kindle and head out to his favorite hipster-approved restaurants and cafes to enjoy a nice cup of coffee while pondering on the meaning of life and figuring out the optimal amount of hair product to use.

Roegan T - looloo

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We asked him what his favorite (and therefore, hipster-approved) places are, and put this list together for all you guys to enjoy. Who knows, you might just run into Roegan at one of these places. Hint: Look for the Koreanovela-inspired hairdo and a plaid/black shirt.

Subspace Coffee House

Hipster Approved Restaurants and Cafes: Subspace Coffee House - looloo Restaurant Reviews

The place is just ASKING for an Instagram filter. Photo c/o

“SUBSPACE! For sure.”

This was a no-brainer for Roegan, who just so happens to also be a K-Pop connoisseur of sorts. The funky decor and Korean knick-knacks around the shop make this place stand out from the run-of-the-mill coffee shop.

Look beyond its looks and you’ll find that the real personality of this place is in its drinks. Their specialties include the purple potato and iced peanut butter lattes, unique concoctions that you can have personalized with one-of-a-kind latte art!


Van Gogh is Bipolar

Hipster Approved Restaurants and Cafes: Van Gogh is Bipolar - looloo Restaurant Reviews

The selection of mood-altering teas offered for free here. Photo c/o

From the name alone, you can tell this place is far from what most people would call “ordinary.” Nestled somewhere in the Maginhawa area, bipolar restaurant owner Jethro serves food and drinks (the teas are free!) supposedly tailor-fit to any kind of mood you’re in.

The place’s limited seating means every visit is always an intimate experience. Couple it with the fact that Chef Jethro supposedly never repeats dishes and find yourself surprised each and every time.


Roegan highly recommends VGIB as a potential date-place. In case you prefer being alone… with someone else. Whut. Also, be sure to make reservations. The place is known to “go on hiatus” every once in a while when Jethro’s away.


Hipster Approved Restaurants and Cafes: Commune - looloo Restaurant Reviews

People (Roegan included) seem to really love the wall illustrations. Photo c/o

When looloo reviewers start describing your place as having an “Artsy nouveau bohemian Pinoy feel”, you know you’re doing something different. Owner Rosario Juan describes her “baby” as being part of the third-wave coffee movement, and a recent Rappler article even described it as a place “where ‘Cheers’ meets ‘Friends.’”

“I’m a fan of the cartoony walls, and I like that it’s still very Pinoy”, says Roegan. Apparently the food served are fancified versions of dishes from Binalot (owner by Ros’ brother). “Fancy Binalot? If that’s not hipster, I don’t know what is.”


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