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Yes, ladies, gentlemen and Apple Fanboyz, we’re celebrating the mini milestone of reaching 35,000 users on the looloo app! No, we won’t be posting a video of the team doing the Harlem Shake just yet (maybe when we reach 350,000 users!) but here’s something even better — we’re giving away another iPhone 4S!

looloo iPhone 4S Giveaway - 35,000 usersSome of you might be thinking, “But looloo, how do I join and win this  beautimous piece of Apple technology??”  We’re glad you asked! To join:

  • You must review at least 10 places you’ve visited (beginning February 26 and ending March 18, 2013). Your review MUST include a photo AND review text!
  • Like our Facebook page leave a comment on this Facebook Post with your looloo name AND a link to your first looloo review within the giveaway period (ex. Lebron J. You only have to do this once — this’ll count as your intent to join. It’s your way of telling us “CAN I HAZ iPHONE PLZ?”
  • Each review will count towards an entry to win the shiny new iPhone 4S! (e.g. if you submit 11 reviews, that’s 11 entries! If you review 100, dang son, you’re out A LOT… oh yeah, and you get 100 entries.)

On March 19, 2013, we’ll randomly select a review from all the eligible contest participants and whoever that lucky looloo user is, will win a brand spankin’ new (16G, unlocked, black, and still sealed) iPhone 4S!

Keep those reviews coming and with a bit of leftover Chinese New Year good fortune on your side, you could be just as lucky as our last winner!

*To get your review link, try to tweet, Facebook, email, or message your review from the app! Check out this sample screenshot. If you’re on iOS 5, you’ll need to share your review on Facebook or Twitter to get the link. :)


  1. kate raymundo
    February 26, 2013


    • EJ dela Vega
      February 27, 2013

      Have you posted your intent to join yet? :D

      • kate raymundo
        February 27, 2013

        Will post maya maya kontiii!!

  2. Jorence4th
    March 1, 2013

    Wow! What a surprised to have that gOod news! I’m telling you once. Maybe one thing that your followers reaches tO 35k because I am your newest member. Hahaha(laughing). The good thing,I registered its because easy to find place wherever you are! Just a bit of selectiOn and you’ll find a place tO have. Even if I have only one friend connected in this social site, but a love it so much. Just take a lOok and try to search for your own, and see how easy access to your favOrite places! Super liked!!

  3. Lei Isobelle Borja Cantillas
    March 6, 2013

    Hi Ej! I can’t find the right facebook post. Haha! Help? :)

    • EJ dela Vega
      March 7, 2013

      Whoops, sorry the late reply, Lei! I see you’ve already joined though! Are you all good? :D

  4. Gilbert Arqueza
    March 18, 2013

    Wohooo! Today is the last day!