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Let’s all admit it. It’s fun getting comments and likes! Whether it’s on Facebook or looloo, it’s exciting (don’t lie!) checking our notification screens!

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean we’re full of ourselves (although that is possible, too). According to Chinie Diaz of Rappler, we actually get a dose of dopamine when people react and interact with us online! Wondering what dopamine is? Here’s what Chinie wrote:

Well, dopamine is the stuff that gets released into our brains when we do fun and exciting things like fall in love, have sex, go skydiving, take crystal meth… hmm… ok maybe skip the last one. But you get the drift. Dopamine makes the brain go “Wheee! Rewards! Pleasure! Let’s do this! Woohoo!”


Cute drawing by Chinie Diaz

See! There’s scientific proof that seeing other people liking and commenting on our reviews makes us happy! Thankfully, we don’t have to be celebrities to get this kind of happiness from looloo!

We compiled a quick list of 4 easy things you can do to get more people commenting on your reviews. No celebrity status needed! (This assumes of course, that you actually write reviews. Leaving “I liked it.” doesn’t count!)

1. Comment on other people’s reviews.

Requirement: Kindness and generosity. And iPhone-typing skills.

Giving is better than receiving. Or in this case, leaving comments is better than receiving them. Naks. But seriously, isn’t it nice knowing that someone’s excited to open up their looloo app because of you?

Martyrdom aside, commenting on other people’s reviews not only helps you get comments on your own reviews, it also helps you get more followers on looloo! We’ve asked some of our looloo friends how they find new people and most of them say that if someone’s a commenter, they usually check their profiles out and then follow them.

Warning: Make sure you don’t make spammy comments! Phrases like “Plz follow back” or “Can you follow me?” usually won’t get you very far. You have to be genuinely interested in other people’s experiences for this to work!

2. Have a strong opening line.

Requirement: Creativity, humor, or wit. Fine, corny jokes could work, too.

Your opening line on your looloo review is the first thing people read when they scroll through their feeds. Whether they will tap on your full review or *gasp* scroll past it sometimes depends on how you write your first sentence. Your challenge? To make it attention-grabbing.

Take a look at some of these reviews’ opening lines.

Lea A Jamba Juice looloo Review

Now why wouldn’t you want to read more about Lea A.’s drink after reading that first line? Thank you Jesus and orgasm in the same sentence??! I’m not surprised it got her 50 comments.

We can’t all try ridiculously named drinks but we can always appeal to people’s emotions like what Odell R. did for his BonChon Chicken review.

Odell R BonChon looloo Review

74 comments. Nuts.

3. Mention other people.

Requirement: The new looloo App version 1.3 plus looloo reviewers you can mention.

This adds a nice touch to your review. It’s a thoughtful way of saying “Hey look I remembered you!” It’s not just your mom – everyone else likes being remembered every once in a while, too!

This comes in handy as well if you went to a place or tried a dish because of someone’s review but didn’t receive a recommendation from them. Or if you think they might like a place but don’t necessarily want to recommend it to them just yet.

For those not familiar with how the mention feature works, we wrote a blog post on how to use it!

4. Make it personal.

Requirement: Interesting personal stories. Optional: TMI stories.

This is pretty easy. You just have to have an interesting experience and an even more interesting way of telling it! No interesting experience? Oh come on. There has to be something.

Some examples:

Spotted hair strands on your dish? First of all, that’s disgusting. Second of all, you’re sure to get comments with a review + photo like this:

Roegan T looloo Review

Had a really good experience with a restaurant or in this case, a tattoo parlor? Why not share it! You can even throw in interesting details! Not only is this something other people can relate to, it’s also a way of giving back to the place that gave you good service!

Ina D looloo Review

Do all 4 and there’s no way in heck you still won’t get comments. If you’re still not getting any though, even after doing all that, send me an email and I will personally take responsibility for it and help you out! I’ll even buy you ice cream!