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Just because you’re a looloo reviewer doesn’t mean you’re all takaw. I’ve actually learned a bunch of interesting things (aside from newly opened restaurants) thanks to looloo reviews! Some of them maybe #medyouseless but it’s still something you can share with your friends… on a boring night out.

1. There is such a thing as a 450-peso cup of rice.

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450 peso cup of rice

If you think paying 450 pesos for a CUP (read: not sack) of rice is ridiculous, wait until I tell you about their Beluga caviar that costs Php 56,000. It’s no surprise that when a looloo reviewer asked, the waiter admitted to never having served a single order of it… so far, anyway.

Has anyone ever tried this Beluga caviar? Is it really worth a 13-inch Macbook Air?

2. You can order “secret” Jamba Juice drinks.



It’s not much of a secret when there exists an entire web page dedicated to it but a lot of people are still surprised to find out that Jamba Juice has a list of “secret” drinks you can order.

Out of curiosity, I tried their Red Gummi Bear Drink and was pleasantly surprised to find out that it does taste like the red Gummi bears – only in liquid form! If you’re the type to have color preferences when it comes to Gummi bears, this is the perfect drink for you.

For my calorie counting friends however, you won’t be very happy to find out that the 24oz drink contains about 500 calories.

3. Army Navy’s Freedom Fries actually started out as a political euphemism for French Fries in the US.



All this time I thought it was Army Navy that came up with the “Freedom Fries” name! D’oh!

Apparently, it all began in 2003 when the US Congress officially renamed “French Fries” and “French Toast” to “Freedom Fries” and well, “Freedom Toast.” This was their response to France’s opposition to the proposed invasion of Iraq. Several other restaurants followed suit, at least until the committee chairman behind the renaming resigned. Only then did they bring “French Fries” back.

Ah, the things you discover because of Wikipedia. Thanks to Jairus L. for sharing this with us! I also found out that it’s not just Army Navy that offers Freedom Fries, Clawdaddy Crab also has it!

4. You can get your Starbucks drink “upside down.”



I originally found out about this fancy way of ordering your drink from Ariane L. I was complaining about how bitter their Asian Dolce Latte was in my looloo review. Here’s Ariane’s explanation:

“‘Upside down’ actually means… the espresso shots go in first (like lattes, mochas, etc.). Kasi with this drink and the caramel macchiato, the espresso shots are on top hence the bitter taste.”

To this day, I still call the “upside down” method… “shaking.” This probably makes Ariane cringe (bahaha) but it’s just so much easier to think of it that way!

Note though, that we’ve had a couple of looloo reviewers get the weird look from Starbucks baristas after saying “upside down.” I suppose not all baristas know about that trick yet. Try to explain what you’ve learned to them and if all else fails, just say “paki-shake na lang.” Problem solved.

5. The Kitayama beef comes from part Japanese, part native cattle that are bred and reared in Northern Mindanao.



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If you’ve ever seen “Kitayama beef” when ordering tapa, corned beef, or steak, know that you’re supporting local farming! Sourced from the Umalag and Sumilao farms in Bukidnon, the cattle here are fed with pure pineapple pulp and are not given any hormones or antibiotics. 100% natural! What you get is marbled, organic meat that melts in your mouth. Delicious.

How about you? Have you learned something that’s #medyouseless from reading looloo reviews? Comment plz!


  1. angelito magno
    April 21, 2013

    if i am super rich, i rather pay P56,000 for caviar than P450 for a cup of rice! Caviar are expensive bec they are rare and difficult to get but rice, Hell noh!

    • Peanut Dela Cruz
      April 30, 2013

      Haha yes! And there’s nothing even special about it! It’s just plain white rice. :P

  2. Lifeisacelebration
    October 17, 2013

    Sharing! (P56k? Really….. It sounds obscene!)