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Real men get their nails done. Just ask the guys who went with us when we had our first looloo Nail Sparty rendezvoos!

A “sparty” is a portmanteau (word of the day) of spa and party! A nail sparty on the other hand, is a group of people hanging out while getting their nails done. It’s normally done for bridal showers or birthday parties but for our rendezvoos, it was a bunch of strangers (dudes included) who have only met each other on looloo. Shoo, even I was wondering how this event would turn out!

We started by meeting up at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf branch in Burgos Circle. After introducing each other with single-letter last names (“Hi I’m Peanut D., this is Tracy M.”), it suddenly felt like we’ve just been waiting for this daldalan fest. Even while walking to our undisclosed nail salon venue, sweating buckets, we were still chitchatting! If we decided we’d kidnap our rendezvoos attendees instead, I don’t think they would have cared. Way too busy talking!

Our unsuspecting rendezvoos nail salon was Coco Luca, a super hidden nail place near the Burgos Circle area at the Fort. I seriously wouldn’t have known it existed if not for (product placement alert) looloo!

coco luca looloo

(photo from Tracy M’s blog)

Right after entering the place, Odell and I calmly announce to the group that we would all be getting… brazilian waxes.

No one talks for a good 5 seconds.

Jodi N., a dude, looks at us and says, “Uh, I think I have somewhere else to go now.” Everyone else starts coming up with their own excuses. It was pretty hilarious.

But before they start leaving us, we decide to spill the beans and tell them that it’s actually a mani-pedi plus a foot spa package for everyone – on us!

No one had murdered nails! Hooray!

nail sparty coco luca looloo

It was definitely a super chill Saturday afternoon for all of us. We all had so much fun (bashing vegetables, talking about local movies, and even buildings in Manila) that we had to continue gabbing away at Toastbox after the nail sparty!

nail sparty rendezvoos
Thank you so much to Jodi N., Tracy M., Alecs R., Lesley E., and Marc C. for spending your Saturday afternoon with us! That was my first-ever nail sparty and I’m glad I spent it with you guys. :)


Tracy M., and Lesley E., both blogged about their rendezvoos experiences! Read them here:


  1. Tracy
    March 27, 2013

    Woohoo! Very interesting rendezvoos indeed! I never expected looloo to come up with something like a nail sparty. :D Til the next one! o/

  2. Lesley Espiritu
    March 27, 2013

    Thanks looloo for inviting us to the FIRST looloo nail sparty! We’re pioneers! Haha! I wonder what kind of establishment the next one is…:)

  3. Angge Vasquez
    April 3, 2013

    Wow… i want to get invited too! hahaha! :)