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This blog post goes out to our funky fresh beta testers!

After you guys left, we, being the dorks that we are, played a celebratory game of Snakes and Ladders in your honor. We’re thankful that you all showed up, that you said yes to trying out looloo, and were willing to help us make it better.

We will forever be grateful that you spent your Wednesday night with us.

To Marga, Carlos, Jayvee, and Francis, thank you for turning that night into what felt like a Saturday night with friends.

To Abe, John, and Franky, massive amounts of thanks for the support you’ve given us. The Philippine tech startup scene is as promising as it is because of passionate people like you. Howard, your attempt at breaking the app was one of the highlights of the night — better luck next time (SIKE!). :)

To Roch, Jill, Fran, Mimai, and Richie, that night would not have been as cheerful and lively if not for you guys. Thank you for trusting us and not thinking we’re a bunch of stalkers who secretly photoshop ourselves into all your instagram photos… we don’t. Not often, anyway. Ha!

To Kei for simply being there that night. Your presence meant a lot to us. To Nica and EJ, you ladies know just how thankful we are for the support you’ve shown us right when we started this project.

To TJ, Chuckie, Reah, Erick, and Rom, know that y’all were missed and that we still plan on hunting you down until you agree to hang out with us. There’s no escaping us!

We’re very lucky to have met all of you (yes, even if it was just online).


  1. Jayvee F.
    November 13, 2012

    till the next one!

  2. Richie Zamora
    November 13, 2012

    I had a blast! Great to finally meet you all! :)

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