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Abe Olandres is not just looloo’s “Frustrated Foodie”, he’s also the gadget junkie and blogging success story behind YugaTech! For those unfamiliar with the local blog or tech scene, YugaTech is Philippines’ Number 1 Tech Blog… with hordes of readers and supporters to boot!

I’ve always thought that the blog was named YugaTech as a play on “You Got Tech” but apparently, Yuga is actually Abe’s college nickname! It was taken from the Ilonggo word “yuga” that’s commonly used to express one’s disbelief or to just say “Really?”

Abe-Olandres-loolooAbe’s gone a long way from his humble beginnings as a newbie blogger. At the time, very few even considered blogging as something people could live off of. The fact that he’s now one of the most recognized names in the industry says a lot about the hard work that he’s put in. And even now, he refuses to rest on his laurels!

In July of 2012, Abe teamed up with Victor Basa, Dalekins Azcueta, and Mark Lim to host Geeky Nights – a weekly podcast where they talk about all things well, geeky. It wasn’t long before other geeky viewers found out about it. A couple of months later, it went on to become the #1 Video Podcast on iTunes PH.


As if that wasn’t enough, by August of 2012, just a month after they started Geeky Nights, Abe became Nuffnang’s Country Manager!

We wouldn’t be surprised if Abe hosts a TV show or even star in a telenovela. Ha! Who knows what Abe will start doing in the coming years!

For now though, you can follow his foodie adventures on looloo! :)