Survey: 35% of Diners Don’t Tip! (And a Few Other Filipino Dining Habits)

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Not to confirm stereotypes or anything, but let’s face it, we Pinoys are known to be quite kuripot. While not necessarily true for the Porsche-driving, LA birthday bash-hosting few (sorry, just had to!), if our tipping habits are any indication, the stereotype might actually have some basis. How much we tip is just one of […]

And the Winners of our Special(s) looloo Hoodie Giveaway are…

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It’s the first “ber” month of the year and already, Christmas comes early for the 2 winners of our latest looloo hoodie giveaway! After getting to redeem our newly-launched looloo Specials, 2 users were randomly selected to take home the much-coveted looloo hoodies, and we picked 3 more who’ll be getting looloo shirts! A big […]

Help from Home: Contribute to Typhoon Maring Relief from Wherever You Are

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The past week has been rough for the hundreds of thousands of families displaced by the recent onslaught of rain and flooding. The looloo Crew sends out prayers and thoughts to all those who were affected by the natural calamity. We also salute all those who have given their time in helping with the Typhoon […]

Shhhh… There’s a Secret Game Built Into the looloo App

Okay, so it’s no longer be a big secret to those who followed our hoodie giveaway when we released looloo version 1.5’s app update copy, but we figured it’s about time to let everyone else in on it too! looloo Easter Egg: Breakout! Ever find yourself in need of a time-killer while waiting in line […]

A Special(s) looloo Hoodie Giveaway!

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Bring out your umbrellas, folks! We’re making it rain… with more looloo swag. It’s another looloo Hoodie Giveaway! With the rainy season upon us, we thought it’d be the perfect time to give away 2 uber-exclusive looloo hoodies (and a couple of shirts as well)! This time, we’ll be handing them out to people who […]

looloo Users Get Free Gelato, Burgers, Katsu, Chicken Wings, and More with looloo Specials!

With the launch of looloo Specials BETA on version 1.5, we’re making discovering places even more special (see what I did there?) with exclusive restaurant discounts and freebies — available to looloo iOS app users! (What’s that? You haven’t downloaded the app? *Facepalm* Get the FREE app here!) Huhuhu… Free Food? Discounts? Tell Me More […]

Just in Time for “The Wolverine”: The Top Rated Movie Theaters on looloo!

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Move over, Minions. After the wave of cutesy feel-good films like Despicable Me and Monsters University, it’s time to get a bit of testosterone in our systems. “The Wolverine” premieres in theaters all over Metro Manila tomorrow, and for all those craving for some PG-rated hack and slash action, we’ve put together a list of Metro […]

These Lasagna Pics Look Good Enough to Land Garfield in a Food Coma

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It’s another edition of looloo’s Foodie Pics of the Week and for this post, we stalked read through all your looloo reviews in search of the most mouthwatering lasagna food photos. To do this, we put ourselves in the shoes (errr… paws?) of the pasta’s biggest fan — Garfield! Imagining ourselves as overweight orange cats who […]

4 Speculoos Cookie Butter Concoctions and Where to Find Them in Manila

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The Speculoos Cookie Butter Craze has taken over Manila and the gooey (and sometimes crunchy) stuff is invading pantries and lunchboxes across Metro Manila. There must be something in it that’s making people fall in speculoove with the stuff! Some people spread it on bread, some just eat it straight from the jar, and some […]

‘Summer Ain’t Over!’ Say These looloo Resort Reviews

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While most people’s looloo app feeds are likely full of restaurant reviews, let’s not forget that the app’s not just for the foodies out there. In fact, you’d be surprised at how many looloo resort reviews people have submitted! While most of us city folk sink back into the post-summer daily grind, it seems some […]