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Popular on looloo for his crazy-detailed reviews, it’s not surprising that Edwin I., (also known as Foodah Boodah) holds the longest looloo review record with 9,644 characters. For someone whose first experience with food writing is through looloo, that’s pretty impressive.

But here’s what’s even more impressive: Just 4 weeks ago… Edwin broke his own record! His review on El Nido Resorts Lagen Island had a whopping 11,124 characters! Phew. It’s going to take a while before anyone gets anywhere near that record.

He’s so popular in the looloo community that some reviewers have even coined terms based on his name!

lakas maka-Edwin (noun)

1. of, relating to, or characteristic of Edwin I. or the way he writes looloo review
2. very detailed looloo review

Sample Usage of lakas maka-Edwin:
Wow. Yung review mo, ang lakas maka-Edwin! Gusto ko tuloy pumunta sa restaurant na ‘to! Ngayon na!

Edwin-Certified (noun)

1. a place or dish that has been rated highly by Edwin I.

Sample Usage of Edwin-Certified:
I’d like to try this since it’s Edwin-Certified – it must be really good.

We even heard of this story where someone described her experience of seeing Edwin like her looloo review as “nakakakilig.” Talk about intense!

So we decided we’d do a feature on this looloo-popular guy and appease his fans.

 Quick List of Edwin-Certified Facts:

Edwin Collage looloo

    • Foodah Boodah was a pet name given by Edwin’s scuba diving buddy. Foodah was from the word “foodie” while Boodah…
    • …Turns out, Edwin used to weigh 230 lbs back then (unbelievable to most of us who have met him in person within the last 6 months). He dropped the weight but the nickname stuck.
    • Edwin has always loved food. From some of the best Michelin-rated restaurants to side street carts to hole-in-the-wall eateries, he’s tried them all thanks to his international pilot dad who made him tag along in some of his flights.
    • Edwin is a home-cook. He likes “widowing” dishes that he’s enjoyed eating by trying to make it at home. His friends are lucky as they get to sample these meals!
    • Because of his looloo reviews, a lot of Edwin’s friends, relatives, even looloo friends have been encouraging him to start a blog! Some looloo members even wanted him to write a book!

Take us through the process of you writing a looloo review. 

I use my iPad for long reviews–easier on the eyes and fingers. I first key in at Notes. Do all editing. Then copy-paste to looloo. If it’s a short one, I write it directly on my mobile phone.

I do try to take notes of dishes (discretely of course) while eating. Specially the dishes I loved. Short bullet points (using the Note function of my phone) of key things I want to remember– taste, what the dish is made of, the smell, what it reminds me of. To what extent? I have even scribbled a few notes on paper napkins or restaurant receipts (after borrowing a pen from the waiter).

My food photo skills are still a work in progress. I think that a good photo entices readers. I do sometimes take a photo of the menu—usually if we ordered a lot of dishes. That way I remember the dishes’ names and prices.

What are some tips you can give us so we can write better looloo reviews?

There are no fast and hard rules in making a “good” looloo review. Everyone has his or her style in writing. But I think these are some important things that may help in writing a good and helpful review:

  • Describe with the Senses–taste, smell, touch, sight, and if need be —emotion—tackling some or all these through writing would entice readers to visit or even like your review. Take your readers with you as they read your review. Make them feel, taste, and experience what you have experienced.
  • Read and educate- I enjoy watching food shows , browsing food books, and reading food reviews from credible food writers. Their styles in writing, food description, and such can be a good influence in making a good review.
  • Be aware of special add-ons of the place—is it kid friendly? Are their dishes friendly to vegans/vegetarians? Happy hour discounts? Special promos? New menu offerings? Things we normally take for granted BUT may be very important to some of the readers.
  • This may not apply to all, but it also pays to be a bit more adventurous when dining out. Talk to the waiters, talk to the owners, talk to the chef –whenever possible. Get their inputs and thoughts about their place, their dishes, their concept. Information from this would be a great add-on to your review. And sometimes, you’ll end up being good friends with some awesome restaurateur!
  • Write in a style you’re most comfy with e.g if you’re makwela—do it with humor. Own your style.
  • Be fair- apples to apples, oranges to oranges. You can’t expect a popular Italian Restaurant to serve excellent binagoongang baboy even if it was in their menu right? Or perhaps rate a carinderia using your criteria for 5-star dining.
  • Write and write and write…..practice makes perfect. At the end of the day, it’s your review. You are putting down what you experienced. No one can question that. Besides , taste is relative.

What are in your list of top 5 best places reviewed on looloo and why?

Edwin I Top 5 Places on looloo

What are in your top 5 places you want to visit based on looloo reviews you’ve read

How do you decide to give a place 5 stars?

  • Excellent food, impeccable service, and great ambience.
  • I know I’ll be coming back again and again and still again.
  • I would love to recommend to friends and family without the fear of them being disappointed.

If you had to eat just ONE dish for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

My ultimate comfort dish: A good mean tapsilog!

Give us 3 things you wish you knew when you were 20! (Could be about anything!)

  • Healthy dining didn’t mean boring and tasteless meals. How I wish when I was 20, I was aware of this. And how I wish tasty healthy food choices and dining places were as abundant as they are now!
  • How I wish there were more social network reviews when I was 20–lesser money wasted on lousy meals.
  • How I wish technology then was as sophisticated, helpful, and user-friendly as it is now.

Edwin even shared with his favorite food-related quote. We’re sure looloo reviewers understand this one:

Julia Child Quote looloo