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You spend months preparing for the big beach trip. You put in tons of intense training to make sure that those six pack abs look good for the inevitable barrage of Instagram and Facebook photos you’re probably going to be tagged in (Don’t deny it! You know it’s true!). And in between all the fun in the sun, you know you can’t help but pig out on calorie-rich ribs, shakes, and well, everything else you’ve been avoiding prior to the trip. Whut.

These foodie pics from looloo reviewers are proof — mouthwatering samples of dishes from the island paradise that make you forget why you went on that stomach-flattening #Boracaybody diet in the first place.



Shrimp Gambas – Lesley E. in her review for Mayas Filipino and Mexican Cuisine



Baby Back Ribs – Tin C. in her review for Hawaiian Bar-B-Que



Pasta Marinara – Dhon Jason D. in his review for Aria Cucina Italiana