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The combination of looloo members and food is like… Derek Ramsey and abs. Or EDSA and traffic. Or heck, even Taylor Swift and heartbreaks! You simply cannot imagine one without the other.

Which is why we weren’t surprised that sign-ups doubled after we announced that the second looloo Eatup was going to be at a buffet place. I mean, unlimited food? Who says no to that?

We picked Chef Laudico Guevarra’s for this Eatup and while we didn’t have unlimited time at this place, we were still able to spot a couple of buffet-eating tactics that some Eatup attendees used! We thought these tactics might help one day when you find yourself at a buffet, trying to figure out the best way to “attack.” After all, we only have so much room in our bellies!

Buffet Tactic #1: Ask First, Eat Later 

This tactic is pretty easy to identify. Just find someone asking other people questions like “Masarap?”, “Anong lasa?” or “Saan mo yan nahanap?” The questions may sound simple, even bordering on matanong but the answers help in deciding which dishes to start with. Just be prepared to annoy your friends and family with your survey-like questions.

Buffet Tactic #2: To Eat and Count the Cost

Commonly used by “practical” buffet eaters, this one involves avoiding rice, pasta or anything that’s considered a “waste of stomach space.” The goal is to eat as much expensive meat and seafood as you can to make sure you get your money’s worth. According to our very own EJ D., he also did this during the Eatup which means this tactic is #cheapskate-certified!

Buffet Tactic #3: Sweets Before Meats

Highly recommended if you’re worried about desserts running out. Or if you’re one of those weirdos (like me) who treat sweets as appetizers. Just head to the dessert section first and then proceed to the main course area later. Not only is the line for desserts shorter, by the time you’re done, the line for them meats and seafood should also be shorter. Whaddya know, it’s a time-saver, too!

There are more buffet-eating tactics but these three were last Saturday’s most popular ones! It’s pretty easy to forget to use them though if you’re too busy talking to each other — which is exactly what happened to us!

From food (well, duh) to electricity to the Philippine economy – we’ve covered a ton of topics. And with active looloo reviewers so easy to get along with, it’s easy to get carried away.

looloo eatup 2

2 hours is never enough for looloo get-togethers so it’s no surprise that after our buffet dinner, we all still wanted to hang out and talk some more!

Due to an unforeseen instance though (most places are packed during weekends!), we had to split up our big group of 33. A smaller group went to Angel’s Kitchen while the bigger group (about 20) went to Tamayaki for some late night milk tea.

I didn’t think it was possible since we started late (6PM) but our second Eatup still lasted a good 6 hours — with some of us even hanging out on their own up until 2 in the morning. That’s ridonkulous.

What’s more ridonkulous is that we had looloo members from Bulacan and Laguna who came all the way to San Juan in Greenhills just to eat and meet everyone!!!

2nd looloo eatup tamayaki

It was definitely another Saturday well-spent. Eatups always prove to us how blessed we are to have such an awesome community. Many many many thanks to those who came! You guys could have spent your Saturday night doing a bajillion other things with other people but you spent it with us. <3

Do you have the guts (pun intended) to join us when we do another round of inner-baboy-unleashing? Then go to our meetup group and sign up! You just need to be a looloo member (don’t forget to use your looloo name there), be friendly, and excited to meet new people. The group may be a bunch of matatakaws but don’t worry, as long as you’re not food, we won’t bite. ;)


  1. Lesley Ardelle Espiritu
    May 22, 2013

    I like what you did in the last picture. Did someone request to have their gut cropped out? Haha.

    • Peanut Dela Cruz
      May 22, 2013

      Nyahaha! Nah, just wanted the image to be smaller. :P