Calling All Filipino Photographers! Display Your Local Travel Photo on looloo!

Posted by on Jan 26, 2016 in Community | 8 Comments

UPDATE: Hello Shutterbugs! After opening up photo submissions to our creatively-charged community, many of you have shared spectacular imagery with us. We’ve taken your photos and put them in the spotlight on hundreds of key location pages throughout the all-new, where they’re now representing some of the most pristine locations in the world. And […]

The First-Ever Enchanted Kingdom looloo rendezvoos! [Sponsored]

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Just because it’s a looloo rendezvoos (intentionally double o for looloo branding hehe), doesn’t mean it always has to be a restaurant! This past October 10, we were lucky enough to have Enchanted Kingdom sponsor our visit to their magical kingdom in Laguna. Since a lot of us haven’t been to EK in years, we […]

Must-Follow looloo Reviewers

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Discovering new places in the Philippines through looloo is a lot easier when you’re following the right people. Not only do you get to add more new places to your list, you also learn new things – from proper pronunciation of certain dishes to sometimes even a little history lesson. And if you’re nice, you […]

Top 10 Signs You’re A looloo Addict

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You’ve downloaded the looloo app to discover places in the Philippines. But recently, you’ve been finding yourself checking the app more often than you check Facebook or Twitter. For some reason, you also happen to own one or two items out of the looloo merchandise. Heck you’ve even noticed you’re starting to gain a little […]

Lucky looloo Reviewers: looloo’s iPhone 5C Giveaway Winners

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It’s a Tuesday afternoon and instead of  being on their work desks (working), the entire looloo crew was huddled together like it was merienda time. Just like those checking looloo’s Twitter timeline to tune in to the live tweeting of the #loolooiPhone5CGiveaway winners, looloo crew members were also eager to find out who the lucky […]

Team Anti-Valentine’s Day: What to Do This V-Day Weekend

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Not a fan of Valentine’s Day and think it’s just a consumerist-oriented holiday that causes massive traffic in Manila? Do you think it’s too cheesy to do anything romantic with thousands of other couples? Or maybe it just so happens that you’re single this time of the year? Whatever it is, welcome to Team Anti-Valentine’s […]

looloo Awards: Metro Manila’s Best Restaurants of 2013!

Posted by on Jan 5, 2014 in Community | 27 Comments

It’s a brand new year, and  as always, we look back at the 12 months that had passed (and X number of pounds gained). Kicking off 2014, now would also be a great time to give props to the awesome foodie year that was, with looloo reviewers’ picks for the best restaurants of 2013! Based […]

Guess Who Won the iPhone 5C from the #loolooholidaygiveaway!

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By December 17 (the following day after the contest period), we had more than 200 names join the #loolooholidaygiveaway. From looloo reviews to referrals …to nagging friends on social media, we counted them all! The total number of entries collected? 2,015. Cray. We were so excited to announce the winner, we even did a live tweetcast (?) […]

The Weirdest looloot Bag Ever

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Paula P. had to travel a full hour to get to our humble office and claim the mystery looloot bag she won from the Halloolooween Contest. She even had to convince her mom that this wasn’t one of those contests where you win prizes “randomly” via text. So you can just imagine the horror surprise […]

The Halloolooween Contest Winners!

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The looloo gods have finally picked their three random Halloolooween Contest winners! Not only did this contest involve mystery prizes, it also had a specific order of winners. Here, the first name that’s randomly picked gets first dibs on one of the three prizes. The second person gets the chance to choose between the two […]