looloo Tips & Tricks: Save looloo Specials for Later!

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Homework, groceries, laundry, bills,… and that looloo Special you’ve been wanting to redeem for quite a while now. With all the hubbub we’ve got going on every day, it’s not easy to remember everything! We may not be able to help you with your calculus, or pick up your dry-cleaning, but we’ve got a quick […]

Never get Lost Again with the looloo app’s “Get Directions” Feature!

Consider this scenario: You just found the perfect place to take your date out for dinner by using the Trending filter on the looloo Explore tab. You’ve read the restaurant’s reviews, seen the pictures, and checked out the menu too. The only thing left to do is to meet him/her there! Possible Outcomes: You know […]

Shhhh… There’s a Secret Game Built Into the looloo App

Okay, so it’s no longer be a big secret to those who followed our hoodie giveaway when we released looloo version 1.5’s app update copy, but we figured it’s about time to let everyone else in on it too! looloo Easter Egg: Breakout! Ever find yourself in need of a time-killer while waiting in line […]

looloo Users Get Free Gelato, Burgers, Katsu, Chicken Wings, and More with looloo Specials!

With the launch of looloo Specials BETA on version 1.5, we’re making discovering places even more special (see what I did there?) with exclusive restaurant discounts and freebies — available to looloo iOS app users! (What’s that? You haven’t downloaded the app? *Facepalm* Get the FREE app here!) Huhuhu… Free Food? Discounts? Tell Me More […]

Best, Haven’t Tried, Uncharted, and Open Now: looloo Explore Filters (Part 2!)

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It’s part 2 of of our how-to series for the looloo Explore filters! In this post, we cover the remaining 4 filters that should help turn you into a place-finding expert with just a few swipes of your finger! Impress your friends, family, and neighbors (that cute boy/girl-next-door you’ve been crushing on since forever) by showing ‘em […]

#NoFilter? But looloo DOES have filters! (Part 1)

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Who knew that making the seemingly easy decision of where to go could be so… well, difficult. There are way too many questions to ask. Is the place far? Anyone else been there? Is it open? …and the list goes on and on until that facepalm-inducing moment when you end up going “Uwi na nga […]

4 Things You Can Do to Get More Comments on Your looloo Reviews

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Let’s all admit it. It’s fun getting comments and likes! Whether it’s on Facebook or looloo, it’s exciting (don’t lie!) checking our notification screens! Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean we’re full of ourselves (although that is possible, too). According to Chinie Diaz of Rappler, we actually get a dose of dopamine when people react and […]

How to Take Drool-Worthy Food Photos with Your iPhone

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Because looloo has tons of restaurant reviews, admittedly, most of us (guilty!) end up taking pictures of our food more than anything else. Unfortunately, the trying-hard n00b food photographer in me cries a little inside whenever my shots end up looking, well… let’s just say they’re not very appetizing. -__- Erick works his magic even […]

How to Increase Your looloo Inflooence Score

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Hate looking at that bokya Inflooence score on your looloo profile? You don’t have to tell our marketing dude, EJ, that he looks like a model (or maybe you can, if you’re feeling generous). You just need to be really smart with your place recommendations! Here’s how to get rid of the bokya Inflooence Score: […]

Organize Your looloo-ing: Use Lists!

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Want to bookmark a place on looloo that you’d like to visit sometime soon? Maybe the looloo reviews say it’s a romantic place that will probably impress your date. Or maybe it’s a restaurant you think you should hit up when you’re done with your no-rice diet. Whatever your reasons may be, you don’t need […]