looloo and BigDish to take on the Philippine restaurant industry together!

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Yessirreebob, we’re excited to announce that looloo have joined the BigDish team! For the uninitiated, BigDish is a food tech startup that helps restaurants maximize off-peak hours while giving diners great discounts. Just like looloo, they’re also dedicated to connecting restaurants and customers. Oooh and we’re also both Philippine-based! Well, except they’re cooler because they’re […]

looloo is looking for a Community Manager!

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Do you love food and meeting new people? Do you consider yourself social media savvy? Do think of yourself as a fun person? If you answered yes to all three questions and are also familiar with looloo, we may have the perfect opportunity for you! We’re looking for an internet-savvy community manager who’s friendly, driven, […]

Never get Lost Again with the looloo app’s “Get Directions” Feature!

Consider this scenario: You just found the perfect place to take your date out for dinner by using the Trending filter on the looloo Explore tab. You’ve read the restaurant’s reviews, seen the pictures, and checked out the menu too. The only thing left to do is to meet him/her there! Possible Outcomes: You know […]

looloo Badge List: Unlock ‘em All!

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Reviewing places on the looloo iOS app is easy. Finding awesome places with the Explore Tab? Dead simple! But hardcore app enthusiasts and frequent looloo reviewers know that one particular feature built into the app is actually pretty challenging (in fact, only ONE person has done it) — unlocking all 18 badges on the looloo […]

Shhhh… There’s a Secret Game Built Into the looloo App

Okay, so it’s no longer be a big secret to those who followed our hoodie giveaway when we released looloo version 1.5’s app update copy, but we figured it’s about time to let everyone else in on it too! looloo Easter Egg: Breakout! Ever find yourself in need of a time-killer while waiting in line […]

looloo Users Get Free Gelato, Burgers, Katsu, Chicken Wings, and More with looloo Specials!

With the launch of looloo Specials BETA on version 1.5, we’re making discovering places even more special (see what I did there?) with exclusive restaurant discounts and freebies — available to looloo iOS app users! (What’s that? You haven’t downloaded the app? *Facepalm* Get the FREE app here!) Huhuhu… Free Food? Discounts? Tell Me More […]

Just in Time for “The Wolverine”: The Top Rated Movie Theaters on looloo!

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Move over, Minions. After the wave of cutesy feel-good films like Despicable Me and Monsters University, it’s time to get a bit of testosterone in our systems. “The Wolverine” premieres in theaters all over Metro Manila tomorrow, and for all those craving for some PG-rated hack and slash action, we’ve put together a list of Metro […]

These Lasagna Pics Look Good Enough to Land Garfield in a Food Coma

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It’s another edition of looloo’s Foodie Pics of the Week and for this post, we stalked read through all your looloo reviews in search of the most mouthwatering lasagna food photos. To do this, we put ourselves in the shoes (errr… paws?) of the pasta’s biggest fan — Garfield! Imagining ourselves as overweight orange cats who […]

4 Speculoos Cookie Butter Concoctions and Where to Find Them in Manila

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The Speculoos Cookie Butter Craze has taken over Manila and the gooey (and sometimes crunchy) stuff is invading pantries and lunchboxes across Metro Manila. There must be something in it that’s making people fall in speculoove with the stuff! Some people spread it on bread, some just eat it straight from the jar, and some […]

Foodie Pics of the Week: Strictly for Serious Chocolate Lovers

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Charles Dickens once wrote, “There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.” We think it sounds better if it’s a friend with molten chocolate cake instead! This piece of chocolate heaven is said to have been invented 26 years ago, in 1987. That’s almost the same age as… Zac […]