Show off your latest looloo reviews on YOUR Facebook Page!

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Attention restaurateurs and business owners! We have a brand new product just for you! With the looloo Facebook Tab App, you can now highlight your most recent looloo reviews to your Facebook Page Followers. looloo app de Facebook es muy bien! The looloo Facebook App will show off your restaurant’s overall rating and the most recent […]

looloo is on iOS, Android, and now on the WEB!

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After working feverishly on making sure our friends on Android can also write looloo reviews, we thought we’d come up with something special for our friends who use their desktop computers/laptops a lot! Write your looloo reviews using your favorite web browser. It doesn’t matter whether you want to write reviews while at work (we […]

looloo for Android Version 1.1: Now You Can Create Your Own looloo Profile!

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Woohoo! We now have an improved Early Access version of looloo for Android! Have a look at what we’ve added in this update: You can now create your own looloo profile! Oh em chee! You can even add your website, your Instagram username, and something creative in there to describe yourself! Don’t forget to add […]

Introducing looloo for Android: Early Access Version

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After receiving countless emails and social media messages from Android users and reading convincing pleas from Google and Samsung (in our dreams), we finally gave in. To our friends on Android: the long wait is almost over! We’ve been working feverishly on the much-awaited Android version for looloo but we thought we’d let you in […]

New Year, New looloo Goals: 10 Brand New Badges Just Waiting To Be Unlocked!

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For the avid looloo reviewer, nothing spells achievement better than a newly redeemed looloo badge (aside from looloo merch of course, heh). Whether you’ve unlocked all the badges or just a handful of them, we know it’s fun to check and see just how many you’ve collected. With a brand new year ahead of us, […]

looloo Users Get Free Gelato, Burgers, Katsu, Chicken Wings, and More with looloo Specials!

With the launch of looloo Specials BETA on version 1.5, we’re making discovering places even more special (see what I did there?) with exclusive restaurant discounts and freebies — available to looloo iOS app users! (What’s that? You haven’t downloaded the app? *Facepalm* Get the FREE app here!) Huhuhu… Free Food? Discounts? Tell Me More […]

looloo Specials Now Live on Version 1.5! Huzzah!

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While the rest of world is currently gushing over the birth of His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge, we here at looloo also have a reason to celebrate. It may not be as royal and probably won’t end up on TMZ… but it does involve making looloo users feel like mini-royals with freebies and […]

looloo Version 1.4 Now With Menus, Google Maps Integration and More!

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Yes, we have a few extra dark circles around our eyes. Some of us are even suffering from severe Call of Duty withdrawal symptoms. But with looloo version 1.4 now LIVE on the App Store and us seeing a couple of our Twitter and Facebook friends showing support for it… maybe looking like video game-deprived […]

Fresh From the Oven: looloo Version 1.3!

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This app update is like a pandesal. Aside from being freshly-made, it was also warmly (pun intended) created in a pugon-like environment! Fun fact: We actually had to buy extra fans for the office since our AC couldn’t take this summer heat! While you can’t really eat our finished product, we think version 1.3’s new […]

You Can Now Search for Places and Read Their Reviews on looloo Using Your Browser!

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Ermahgerd! We just finished working on looloo’s mini-web version! Now you can explore places and even read the three most recent reviews on them! You can do this on any web browser — including your mobile phone’s browser (yes, even if you don’t have the looloo iOS app)! Step 1: Go to Step 2: […]