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Break out the non-alcoholic sparkling water! We passed the 40,000 user mark last month! It’s a big milestone for us, sure, but why does the fun have to stop there? We thought we’d dig up a couple of milestones for you guys as well!

Some of them may be a wee bit difficult to top but we’re sure that in just a couple of months, these faces and places will change! Although we’re not so sure about our first record breaker being replaced by someone else…

The Most Followed Person on looloo

This one’s a no-brainer. I’m sure even you’re following this guy. No? Come on now, get with it. You have no excuse, you can even read his reviews from his looloo web profile!

See, it’s not just girls who follow him on looloo. Even dudes love his reviews. One time, I actually overheard a guy say, “I just read Erwan’s review. I felt like I was in Thailand.” Eat that, Hemingway!

erwan heussaff looloo

At 12,456 followers, Erwan Heussaff is our most followed person on looloo.

The Most Recommended Place on looloo

Everyone on looloo seems to know that this bakery supplies pastries to one of the biggest coffee chains in the Philippines. We’ve read lines ranging from “best oreo cheesecake in town” to “best chocolate cake” to “best Revel Bars.” It’s no wonder this place gets recommended so much.

Purple Oven looloo

With 1,631 recommendations from looloo reviewers, Purple Oven is our most recommended place on looloo!

The Top Reviewer

We didn’t think it was possible to write this many reviews in a span of two months. When we met this guy, our first question was… How?!? How is he able to review so many places?? Then he told us how sometimes he eats out as much as four times a week. Then it made sense.

jodi n top looloo reviewer

Our crazy top reviewer is Jodi N. with a whopping 309 looloo reviews! He’s also the only looloo user to have unlocked all 13 looloo badges.

The Most Reviewed Place on looloo

This place is so popular that some of my friends who haven’t tried this place yet, actually feel sorry for themselves. With a new branch now open in SM Southmall, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Yabu franchise bags most looloo reviews overall.

yabu looloo most reviewed

For their Megamall branch, Yabu is our most reviewed place on looloo with 207 reviews.

The Person with the Highest Inflooence Score

No clue how she does it. Unfortunately she won’t tell us her secret. The only hint she’s given us so far is that she’s picky with her recommendations. Hmmm.

highest inflooence score

Pam L. has the highest Inflooence score at 19!

Review with the Longest Text

No words for this one. Just pure #respect. Edwin I. must have really loved this place. 5 looloo stars plus longest looloo review ever?

longest looloo review

9,644 characters. 1,620 words. All for Corazon Hispano Filipino. Written by Edwin I. Beat that!

Most-Liked Review

Recipe for creating the most-liked review: A) be the most-followed person and B) review the most reviewed place on looloo. Bam.

most liked looloo review

Erwan H. wrote the most-liked review on looloo. He wrote it for Yabu and has so far gotten 127 likes from other looloo members.

Most Commented Review

Trying not to be biased here but the numbers don’t lie.

I wrote the most commented review. The comments weren’t really about the place or what I got though, they were mostly asking about the looloo Eatup we were trying to put together!

most commented looloo review

My review for Toast Box is the most commented review on looloo with 127 comments. Shameless plug: if you’re an active looloo user, you can also join our looloo Eatup Crew group if you want to join us next time!

Review with the Most Emojis

Emojis are fun to use everywhere. Whether it’s a tweet, an iMessage, or a looloo review, emojis make them a lot more colorful and fun to read. This guy though took it to a whole different level. It may just be the fish emoji but the fact that he added it in 96 times… that’s pretty intense.

most emojis looloo review

The review with the most emojis has 96 fish emoji. It was written for Sizzlin’ Pepper Steak by Padi I.

The First-Ever Bekinese Review

We’ve shared this one on Twitter but in case you missed it, one of our most active looloo members gave in to numerous requests for him to write a bekinese review. Try and see if you can understand it. +100 points if you know all the words that he used!

first bekinese looloo review

Our first-ever Bekinese review was written by Jairus D. for IHOP.

Think you can be a looloo record breaker, too? We’ll give you Balloonicorn if you can beat Erwan H.’s most looloo followers record!


  1. Dwight Co
    April 10, 2013

    What is this self-glorification, Peanut?

    • Peanut Dela Cruz
      April 10, 2013

      The numbers don’t lie man!!!

      • Dwight Co
        April 10, 2013

        I bet you planned this article since day 1 so you could set the stage for your “record.” HAHA.

        • Peanut Dela Cruz
          April 10, 2013

          Yup! My parents will be so proud of me when I tell them about this!!!

  2. Abe Cipriano
    April 13, 2013

    Nicely done, Pea.