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Someone just had a rockin’ start to the New Year… rockin’ in the sense that beginning today, she’ll probably be blasting out tunes on her brand new iPod Touch!

Congratulations to the winner of our Holiday iPod Touch Giveaway, Nicole B., pictured below with the looloo balloonicorn and our resident underwear model. :)

Nicole -- Winner of the looloo app's holiday ipod touch giveaway

Nicole dropped by looloo headquarters to pick up her brand new toy. Over the giveaway promo period, she submitted 13 reviews on the looloo app and with a bit of lady luck on her side, scored the winning entry!

As it always is when meeting our users, getting to chat with Nicole (a legit foodie herself — check out her food and recipe blog!) was awesome but here’s what really got us feeling all warm and fuzzy about the whole thing — she had won the iPod to give as a gift for her brother. Awwwww! Kyot.

Nicole B -- looloo app iPod Touch winner

Follow Nicole B. on looloo and check out the reviews that scored her an iPod Touch! Keep an eye out for our next promo, you never know what we’ll find lying around looloo HQ to give away. LOL.

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