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You asked for them new features and we’re finally lifting the curtain on a few brand new ones! Here’s the lowdown on what’s new in looloo version 1.2.1:

Edit Reviews

Autocorrect’s a sneaky little bugger. Now that we allow you to edit your reviews, you can say goodbye to those embarrassing little errors you might have made.

Edit review on the looloo app

Check out Peanut D.’s review of Serenitea’s Calamari Tea and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Edit reviews on the looloo app

LOL. Calamansi? Calamari? Close enough.

After submitting a review, you have exactly 1 hour to make changes to your review’s body text — better be quick unless you want people thinking you like squid with your tea.

Delete Reviews

Not that we’d ever want you to, but if you must… *sigh* You can now delete your reviews too. Submit a review and should you feel like going all Terminator on it, you can delete it within an hour after it gets sent.

Delete reviews on the looloo appHasta la vista, baby.

Highlight and Copy

Now you can highlight text from reviews and comments in case you’d like to copy and paste any of it, or even define it with your iPhone’s handy dandy dictionary (a feature I myself recently discovered!). Tap, hold, select, copy. Bam. Done!

Search Gets Fancy

Some Martians paid us a visit one night and dropped off some alien code that helped improve our search formulas and algorithms (ooooh, fancy shmancy word!) for Metro Manila and other major cities.

To download the latest update, head on over to the App Store, and tap on the Updates tab. Spot the looloo Version 1.2.1 icon and hit “Update!”