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With looloo’s launch on the App Store, we formally ended our iPhone 4S Giveaway earlier this week. With signups numbering into the thousands, multiplied by the number of referrals, one lucky winner was finally chosen*! Introducing…

Christine -- Winner of looloo's iPhone 4S Giveaway

Christine Sobraswerte! (Actual last name changed to protect her from unwanted Facebook stalking.)

Coming all the way from Makati, she dropped by looloo’s top secret headquarters to pick up her shiny new iPhone 4S and to have a spontaneous little photoshoot with our two supermodel team members (who just happened to be wearing looloo shirts that day). We found it kind of funny that she even brought a friend along. I wonder if she thought we were going to kidnap her. LOL.

Christine -- Winner of looloo's iPhone 4S Giveaway (with team)We could tell she found our dorkiness uncomfortable. Thanks for being such a good sport, Christine!

Stay tuned because we’ll be giving away a lot more stuff REALLY SOON! Here’s a hint: our next giveaway prize will have a slightly larger screen than a 4S. Wink wink.

Remember, if you haven’t yet, download looloo from the App Store! :D

*Note: As stated in the giveaway mechanics, the winning entry was chosen at random, with each landing page sign-up being credited additional entries for each direct referral.


  1. Joer Palma
    November 23, 2012


    Also, there is a white looloo shirt? :O

  2. Jerry B. Culala
    November 23, 2012

    Congrats can i have a looloo shirt as a consolation? :)

  3. Arnold Zafra
    November 23, 2012

    What no t-shirt as a consolation prize? Come on guys, give those cool “looloo” shirts away! :-)