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Not to confirm stereotypes or anything, but let’s face it, we Pinoys are known to be quite kuripot. While not necessarily true for the Porsche-driving, LA birthday bash-hosting few (sorry, just had to!), if our tipping habits are any indication, the stereotype might actually have some basis. How much we tip is just one of the few statEATstics on Filipino dining habits we were able to gather in our recent foodie survey*!

StatEATstic 1: 35% of Survey Respondents Don’t Tip!

Filipino Dining Habits: Tipping

A little less than 4 out of every 10 surveyed admitted to not tipping at restaurants! According to some sources, this seems to be more of a cultural thing though. For instance, in the US, where tipping essentially accounts for all of a server’s take-home pay, it’s practically mandatory to leave a tip equivalent to 10% of your total bill.

If we complain about the 10% service charge here, in France, a 15% service charge is usually added to the bill and tips are usually given only when extraordinarily good service is experienced. In countries like Singapore though, tipping is even restricted! Harsh.

StatEATstic 2: 26% of Respondents Eat Out EVERY DAY!

Filipino Dining Habits: Eating Out Frequency

Ironic given our supposed kuripot nature, but a notable percentage of survey respondents eat out every single day! As for everyone else, 43% of people said that they dine out at least twice a week, 13% said they go to restaurants around 4 times each week, and a little less than 2 out of 10 (18%) said they head out for food at least once a week.

StatEATstic 3: Itadakimasu! Japanese Food Tops the List of Favorite Cuisines.

Filipino Dining Habits: Japanese Food

With ramen and katsu joints being the kings of foodie trends these days, it’s no surprise that Japanese topped most survey respondents’ lists of favorite cuisines/types of restaurants. 50% of all survey-takers included it in their top 3. Kanpai!

At a close 2nd place are the all-you-can-eat buffet joints, noted by 40% of those surveyed. Filipino restaurants follow at 38%, while American and Italian joints barely miss taking a podium position, each taking a 35% share.

StatEATstic 4: Reviews Matter! 80% of People Check Reviews Before Trying Out a New Restaurant!

Filipino Dining Habits: Restaurant Reviews

We’re sure most discerning looloo users would agree — reviews are important! And apparently, a lot of of other people agree as well! A huge chunk of survey respondents shared that they do research on places they want to eat at before even bothering to visit the place.

Some similar stats for AFTER eating out were seen too. Be it on Facebook, Twitter, or of course, looloo (#shamelessplug), 76% said they’ve gone online to rant or rave about a place they’ve eaten at. This may or may not include people commenting on the servers’ cute butts. Nyaha.

*The online survey conducted had a sample size of at least 422, in May 2013.


  1. Bk Santiago
    September 18, 2013

    Nasanay kase pinoy sa fast food. Kaya nung nkaangat sa buhat at nag rerestaurants na. Ndi talaga sanay mag tip. IMO.

  2. Christina
    October 2, 2013

    We always tip! I feel guilty not leaving one thinking it helps out the server. Kahit sa mga coffee or ice cream shops, basta may tip box we leave one. I didn’t know a lot didn’t.

    Hmmmm…. Makes me wonder if we should omit tips if were really not satisfied.