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Not that I’d consider myself a Mr. Fancy Pants coffee connoisseur, but I’d like to think I’m cultured enough to know that to some, making coffee is an art!

The temperature of the milk, where the beans were grown, even the precise timing required when combining each ingredient, supposedly all contribute to brewing the perfect cup of coffee. In this week’s foodie pics post though, the “art” we’re talking about something a bit more… literal. *Drumroll please* We’re featuring latte art!

Michael Breach, coffee artist, has taken latte art to a whole new level. He’s drawn Batman, city skylines, and people, all on coffee. Check out Kurt Co-bean.

Latte art began in the late 1980s to the early 90’s and has since then, become common practice in coffee shops across the globe. The Italian phenomenon has even made its way to Philippine coffee joints and looloo users have wasted no time documenting the experience of receiving a cup of Joe too damn pretty to drink!


Cafe Mocha – Em D. in her review for Craft Coffee Workshop



Green Tea Latte – Carlo S. in his review for Afters



Vanilla Latte – Stephen C. in his review for Starbucks Coffee