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Who says 13 is unlucky? 13 weeks in and the drool-worthy food photos from looloo users are still pouring in!

As this is our baker’s-dozen-sary for the foodie pics segment of our blog, I thought it’d be fun (or extremely corny, you be the judge) to feature everyone’s favorite bite-sized baked goodies: COOKIES!

Cookie Monster has cookies as #5 on its list of 10 Most Addictive Foods

Nearly every culture around the world has some form of cookie-like snack and the universally-loved treats have been around since before the Roman Empire. Of course there’s good ol’ chocolate chip, but throughout the course of history, people have gotten bored/more adventurous with flavors and toppings. And yes, someone was bound to try it eventually… the bacon cookie.

Here are this week’s picks for some of the most beautimous cookie photos on looloo!
Borough - looloo

Milk and Cookies – Tricia G. in her review for Borough


Cookies N Crumbs Cafe and Restaurant - looloo

Almond Cookies – Mark C. in his review for Cookies ‘N Crumbs Cafe and Restaurant


Lunchbox - looloo

Milk and Cookies – Jacy L in her review for Lunchbox