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This app update is like a pandesal. Aside from being freshly-made, it was also warmly (pun intended) created in a pugon-like environment! Fun fact: We actually had to buy extra fans for the office since our AC couldn’t take this summer heat!

While you can’t really eat our finished product, we think version 1.3’s new features are rather tasty anyway!

Mention, tag, and summon your looloo friends!

Tried a dish or maybe even a hairstylist based on a looloo friend’s review? Now you can be extra thoughtful and thank (or blame?) them by using the mention feature! Just type the symbol “@”, add in their name, pick from the drop down, and voila! Their name will appear on your review and they will get notified of it, too!

how to mention someone on looloo

You can also do this for looloo comments! Try it out and see if you can effectively summon your friends. Or you can just type @EJ, pick EJ D. from the drop down, and mention our random hot girl / in-house sock model. Once summoned on looloo, he appears pretty quickly… like a genie. Only prettier.

New Suggest, Bug Report, and Feedback Forms!

If you’ve ever sent looloo an email, whether to suggest a place or share your ideas, please know that we really really appreciate it and would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts! That, and we’ve made sending us emails a little easier and nicer-looking by turning them into forms you can easily fill out!

Check it out and say hello! One of our support team members will say hello back for sure! (There’s a write-up about them on the looloo blog that you can read here!)