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All we told our invitees was that the rendezvoos was going to involve some sort of physical activity and that they should wear clothes they’d be comfortable enough to run around in. Nothing more.

It could have been antigravity yoga. Or crossfit. Or maybe even a marathon… around Eastwood… at 12 noon. It could have been anything. Yet they still trusted the weirdos who sent them the invite and showed up anyway! This could either mean they’re brave… Or crazy. Either way, we love them for it!

looloo bowling rendezvoos
The four brave looloo ladies  (Clarissa P., Lea A., Theresa L., and Mei O.) who went and destroyed The looloo Crew with their bowling skillz at Paeng’s Billiard and Bowling.

When they realized we were going bowling, that’s when things got interesting. We heard things like “I hate bowling.” or “Wow. I haven’t played in a loooong time!” This boosted our confidence level. Oh yeah. The looloo Crew will easily win this one.

Boy were we wrong.

Tambak  was our team’s word for that day! *Shudders* But hey, even though we got beat by looloo rendezvooers, whenever I think about it, I just smile and convince myself that we intentionally did that to make them happy. #BitterOcampo

looloo bowling rendezvoos group photo

Top left: Our bowling pose (although I’m not sure what Odell, Mei and Theresa are doing). Top right: Mei vs. Peanut. Lower left: Bowling balls. Lower right: Bowling lanes.

At the end of the day, who cares about winning or losing. As long as you’re having fun, losing doesn’t feel so bad. Maybe. Ha. But seriously, it felt like we just met up with our high school friends! Except for the part where we weren’t quite sure how they looked like in real life (“Is that… Mei O.?” “You must be… Clarissa P!”), we felt really comfortable around them.

We talked non-stop, burned about 500 calories bowling and then gained it all back at Cookbook Kitchen. It was definitely another Saturday afternoon well-spent.

looloo bowling with random hot girl
Random hot girl popularity level: Artista. Naks.

Bonus scene! In the above photo, you’ll see how our rendezvooers tried to have their photo taken with our famous random hot girl! I swear one was even about to ask for an autograph!

For those who haven’t seen it yet, here’s the famous Sh*t looloo Reviewers Say video:

Thank you so much, ladies, for spending your Saturday afternoon with us! We all had so much fun! Although I personally think we need a rematch. HA!

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  1. Paulina Briones
    July 19, 2013

    Hahaha relate much :)