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The looloo gods have finally picked their three random Halloolooween Contest winners!

Not only did this contest involve mystery prizes, it also had a specific order of winners. Here, the first name that’s randomly picked gets first dibs on one of the three prizes. The second person gets the chance to choose between the two remaining prizes while the third and last person… has it easy! No difficult decisions to make! Ha.

And since we couldn’t personally show the bags to the winners so they could at least feel the bags and try to shake or weigh them (they could be empty after all), we had to let their imaginations do the work by sending them this image:

Halloolooween Contest Prizes

If it were your name that got picked first, would you go YOLO and choose one of the mystery looloo bags? Or would you play it safe and choose something you’re 100% sure about?

Tin C. gets first dibs on one of the three prizes!

Tin C. looloo winnerOur first winner, Tin C. went the practical route and picked the PhotoJojo Lens Set. After all, why take chances when you know you can easily win something cool for your iPhone!

With this choice, she got to take home the PhotoJojo telephoto, fisheye and macro lensesĀ plus a looloo shirt and a looloo payoong!

Here she is rocking her brand new looloo shirt with her lens set. One of her photos in this collage tells us she’s already using the fisheye lens! Yay!

Mia J. wins Mystery looloo Bag #1!

Mia J Halloolooween WinnerBy the time Mia’s name was picked, two other names were already randomly chosen. Even though this meant that she wouldn’t get the chance to pick her prize, that didn’t stop her and her boyfriend from cheerfully dropping by our HQ to pick her goodies up – even without knowing what could possibly be inside her loot bag.

(We had so much fun putting together the mystery bags, we actually had to stop ourselves from overfilling them with random cool items.)

Here’s what’s inside Mia’s looloo Mystery Bag: a looloo shirt, a looloo payoong, a Yakisoba noodle cup (because why not), a bag of microwaveable popcorn (very important), a jar of Biscoff cookie butter spread (brand new – we’re proud to say we had enough self-control to not open it), a Pikachu tin box, a box of paper clips, and a PhotoJojo fisheye lens!

Fortunately for Mia, we decided against adding fake poop in this bag. Fortunately for us, Mia is a preschool teacher and actually found the Pikachu tin box cute and the box of paper clips useful. Phew. She was also just about to run out of the same cookie butter spread!

What about Mystery looloo Bag #2?

looloo Contest WinnersPaula P. won the biggest looloo Mystery Bag of them all. Her name was the second to get picked which means she had the chance to pick between Mystery looloo Bags #1 and #2. She picked the bigger bag and went for bag #2.

What’s inside her bag though remains a mystery as she still hasn’t picked up her prize!

Could this be a big… empty bag? A big bag of Yakisoba noodle cups? Or a bag of fun and useful things?

All I know is, the entire looloo crew is pretty excited (Or worried? Hmmm.) to see her reaction when she finds out what she has won!

P.S. We’re also mailing the top 10 reviewers (Halloolooween contest participants with the most number of reviews during the contest period) one looloo payoong each!

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  1. Paula P
    November 21, 2013

    I’m hoping that’s not a teddy bear! Or balloons! Hahahahahaha