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Hate looking at that bokya Inflooence score on your looloo profile?

zero looloo inflooence

You don’t have to tell our marketing dude, EJ, that he looks like a model (or maybe you can, if you’re feeling generous). You just need to be really smart with your place recommendations!

Here’s how to get rid of the bokya Inflooence Score:

  1. Recommend a really good place to a looloo friend who you know will A) like it there and B) actually go to that place.
  2. When your looloo friend tries out that spot, writes a looloo review for it, and gives it 3 or more stars, she can give you credit for it!
  3. Bam. Inflooence score baby!


It may be tempting to just hit “Recommend to all” but unless you’re 110% sure most of the people on your list will actually go there, it may just end up hurting your inflooence score. Your Inflooence score is calculated not just based on the number of credits you receive, but also the number of recommendations you send out. So imagine receiving 3 credits out of 2,000 recommendations!

Be picky with your recommendations. Not only will this help your Inflooence score, it also lets your friends know that place recommendations coming from you are special and personalized.


  1. Not Mei
    March 7, 2013

    Akshully, I still sport my bokya score because I don’t know how to recommend AFTER I have published my very note-worthy ADHD-friendly review/s. o___o

    • Peanut Dela Cruz
      March 7, 2013

      Hahahaha! You’re funny! What’s your name on looloo! Am I already following you?? :)

  2. Bryan James Magbojos
    March 7, 2013

    aw! i sent out hundreds of recommendations yesterday. T_T

  3. marquitablogs
    September 6, 2013

    is there a way to get rid of previous recommendations and start a new? :D

    • Peanut Dela Cruz
      September 9, 2013

      Hello! This is something we’re considering but as of the moment, no. :(