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First, one must watch the looloo rendezvoos 101 video:

Unlike the video though, the real thing didn’t just take a couple of minutes. That’s just silly. Anyone who’s ever been to a looloo event knows just how ridiculously talkative looloo folks are. Proof of that is how this rendezvoos lasted for about 5 hours. And 5 hours is actually pretty normal.

It’s also as fun as it looks like in the video. Well, no, not really. It’s a lot more fun of course but if you weren’t there with us, don’t worry! That is the main reason why we made this video!

To make a fun looloo rendezvoos 101 video, here’s a list of things you will need:

  • Fun, cheerful, talkative, smart, matakaw, and active looloo reviewers. Fine, good-looking, too. Naks.
  • A videographer slash video editor slash developer slash white mamba named Stephen C.
  • A couple of members of the looloo crew. The presence of a random hot girl would also be helpful.
  • A fart machine and a couple of fake roaches. Or you also could use real farts and roaches? Hmm.

Once you have all that, you may proceed with following the steps on how to make a fabulooloos looloo rendezvoos 101 video.

Step 1: Invite active looloo reviewers who love ramen. Make sure one of them is even known in the looloo community as the “Ramen Master.”

Step 2: Do NOT tell them where they’re going. Just give them hints like “hot” and “steamy.”

Step 3: Meet with them in person. Just for kicks, maybe even tell them you’re going to a spa and that they shouldn’t worry because they will be given robes (!). They will smile uncomfortably but what’s interesting is, they won’t even mind going to the spa. Weird.

Step 4: Head to Wrong Ramen. Watch their reactions. Listen to them squeal. Some will say, “I KNEW IT!”, or maybe even “Yes! Hindi spa!” One of them will act strange and randomly jump up and down. Oh wait, that’s looloo’s very own Pam L. at 0:49!

Step 5: Meet with the cheerful Dwight Co of Wrong Ramen. He is one of the co-owners. Listen to him talk about his restaurant, what makes Wrong Ramen different, and why in the world they named one of their ramens, Sea Men Ramen. Everyone will have questions for him but he will calmly and happily answer each and very one of them. You will learn a lot from him.

Step 6: Time for the rendezvoos highlight: RAMEN EATING! Also, watch carefully because someone will happily struggle with using chopsticks. You will learn more about this on Instagram. Someone will also make an uncultured comment about the Red Cow Corned Beef Tamago. She will say it tastes like *gasp* torta. Eep. No one will react. We won’t ever know who said that.*

Step 6: Give everyone their looloot bags. They will check out the looloo payoong and read their handwritten notes. Someone will ask what font was used. o__O

Step 7: Talk some more. Show them how the fart machine works as proof that what they heard earlier during the day wasn’t real. Try not to act so defensive. Some will believe it, some won’t but they will all laugh. All this makes for good scenes for the video. But unfortunately, you will soon have to start saying goodbye to Dwight. You will need to go somewhere else for dessert because the Poop of the Gods won’t available. Someone will joke that the gods are constipated.

Step 8: Head to Sweet Bella for dessert. Talk for hours. Talk about food, looloo, and yes, even celebrities from the 90s.

Step 9: Finish up! (It’s time to go home. Don’t be clingy. Heh.) Make sure everything has been recorded by Stephen C.

Step 10: Have Stephen C. edit the video and VOILA! The fabulooloos looloo rendezvoos 101 video is now ready!

We all had a blast hanging out with our ramen rendezvoos 101 attendees: Neil R., Alex O., Paula P., Eileen T., Peach L., and Krisella L.! Special thanks to Dwight Co for spending his Saturday afternoon with us!!!


*Fine. That was me.