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As if the ongoing Ramen War isn’t enough, tensions are rising in another Japanese-food showdown — battle of katsu restaurants!

The king of looloo‘s trending list, Yabu House of Katsu has been a favorite among app users lately. Now it not only has to deal with newly-opened rival Saboten at Serendra, but also faces stiff competition from more katsu chains such as Katsu Cafe and Crazy Katsu. Yabu and Saboten, with their high-end ingredients, may draw raves from connoisseurs, but with friendlier prices and multiple branches, the smaller chains are ready to put up a fight.

In this week’s foodie pics of the week, it’s a 4-way sumo match between the heavyweights. If these looloo reviewers’ photos are any indication, it’s going to be a good fight. It’s anyone’s guess as to who will come out on top after the battle of the breaded meats!

 Saboten-looloo katsu restaurant

Grated Radish Katsu – Anton D. in his review for Saboten


Yabu-looloo katsu restaurant

Pork Tonkatsu – Francesca M. in her review for Yabu


Katsu-Cafe-looloo katsu restaurant

Pork Katsu Set – Mica B. in her review for Katsu Cafe


Crazy-Katsu-looloo katsu restaurant

Chicken Katsu – Eka G. in her review for Crazy Katsu