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Contrary to popular belief, Pacquiao-Marquez isn’t the hottest fight of 2012. Chicken lang ‘yun… literally! With branches popping up as fast as PacMan’s punches, it seems like we’re still in the early rounds of the face-off between the best-known twice-fried chicken joints in Metro Manila!

Our latest looloo infographic tells us the tale of the tape:

looloo Infographic: The Battle of the Twice-Fried Chicken Joints


Not without its own fair share of fowl-play, this royal rumble of feathered contenders isn’t just on the streets of the Metro, it’s even found its way into the looloo iPhone app! We recently found a thread of comments on a review of BonChon chicken by Odell R. (the comment tally running up to 70 as of this blog post!) that are only fueling the flames of this egg-citing brawl.

Bonchon Review on looloo

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  1. wingman
    December 5, 2012

    you guys were really thinking outside the boks with that one!