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Woohoo! We now have an improved Early Access version of looloo for Android! Have a look at what we’ve added in this update:

looloo for Android v1.1

  1. You can now create your own looloo profile! Oh em chee! You can even add your website, your Instagram username, and something creative in there to describe yourself! Don’t forget to add your profile photo!
  2. Whether it’s your Facebook friends or suggested users, you can now follow other looloo users! W00t! This means you can now have your very own “Following” feed on looloo where you get to see only the reviews of the people you choose to follow!
  3. Spotted a place that you want to bookmark or save for later when you’re in the area? Save it to your looloo list! Add places to the pre-made Favorites or Must-Try lists — or create your own! Sort them by location, cuisine, type of place, etc. for easy access when you’re out and about.
  4. Found a bug or just want to drop us a message? Go to your Profile tab and tap the gear icon on the top right hand corner of your screen! You can choose to send us feedback (we appreciate a warm hello once in a while hehe) or report a bug!

For those itching to write reviews on looloo, don’t worry!!! We’re still working night and day to make sure you’ll get it as soon as possible! Patience as they say is a virtue… right?!

Download looloo for Android NOW!

P.S. We left a little note somewhere in our Play Store app update! ;)