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Miley Cyrus’s jaw-dropping, twerk-filled (we actually had to look up what “twerk” meant) VMA performance may have made this weekend a little interesting (or strange) but for some looloo members, this past weekend was more than just interesting – it was fun! Fortunately, there was no twerking involved.

Just a bunch of cheerful looloo users getting together on a Saturday night to bowl at Paeng’s and eat.


So many things happened that day that most of them can’t possibly be included in this blog post. What we’ll do instead is pick the two most interesting highlights of that Saturday and share it with you!

Interesting looloo Eatup + Bowling Fact #1: People were genuinely cheering for gutterballs.

“Yaaaaaay! Kanaaaaaaal!

“Was that a gutterball? Oh yeahhh!”

“Good job on that gutterball!”

Please don’t think we’re a bunch of weirdos trying to reinvent bowling.

You see, we were initially supposed to just bowl and have dinner but typhoon Maring happened a couple of days before the event. By now you probably all know how it left parts of Luzon flooded and thousands of people affected.

We knew we had to somehow change plans. And we knew we could count on our looloo friends to help out. But at the same time, we couldn’t make drastic changes to an event we’ve already scheduled weeks before. We just had to figure out how to help out through the looloo Eatup.

Enter looloo’s Mini Charity Bowl. (This will also explain the weird cheers for gutterballs.)


A couple of days before the event, we asked those who were attending to 1) bring medicines they can donate to the typhoon victims and 2) be ready to donate Php 5 for each of their gutterballs. The “gutterball fund” will be used to buy more medicines for donation.

Those who didn’t get gutterballs (made us jealous haha) still got to donate because looloo matched the total number of pins knocked over with actual money to add to the gutterball fund. So it was either they get gutterballs for Php 5 each or get strikes to get the most out of looloo’s donation.

This is why you’ll see some looloo eatup attendees showing off their five fingers. It means they were able to donate 5 pesos (and were still happy even though they threw gutterballs)!


After the event, we were able to buy Php 7, 017.50 worth of medicines thanks to the gutterball fund combined with looloo’s donation. That doesn’t even include medicines brought by Eatup attendees that Saturday!

We then packed the donations and went to the nearest Philippine Red Cross branch.

Here’s how our humble box looked like:


Pam, Stephen, and Roegan happily putting together our donation box

It was definitely an awesome Saturday night with looloo friends at Paeng’s Billiard and Bowling. One that will always remind us of how lucky we are to have such kind, happy, and generous community members.

Maybe we should add talkative in there, too. Ha. Check out the next Eatup + Bowling fact:

Interesting looloo Eatup + Bowling Fact #2: This Eatup lasted SEVEN hours.

And that doesn’t even include those who went to their own mini-eatup afterwards!

We will quote Jairus D.’s message the following day:

Everything happened so fast! Can we do it again today?

Possibly the fastest 7 hours of our lives that we didn’t even realize it was already 1AM!

We met up at the bowling alley at 6PM (with some early birds showing up at 5:30PM), had dinner at 9PM and left at 1AM. Some still wanted to grab dessert though (after midnight snack?) and hopped to another restaurant, staying there up until 3AM. Nuts.


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