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It’s part 2 of of our how-to series for the looloo Explore filters! In this post, we cover the remaining 4 filters that should help turn you into a place-finding expert with just a few swipes of your finger!

Impress your friends, family, and neighbors (that cute boy/girl-next-door you’ve been crushing on since forever) by showing ‘em around the best places in the area. Heck, you just might be everyone’s hero by finding the nearest 24/7 food joint the next time you pull an all-nighter with your work buddies!


looloo Explore Filters: Best and Haven’t Tried

It’s date night and you’re trying to impress someone with your pseudo-gastronomical expertise. Or maybe you just got a big raise and you feel like treating yourself to the best massage money can buy. Hit up the ‘Best’ filter to find top-rated and most-reviewed places in the area. Ballin’!

For the more adventurous types, there’s also the ‘Haven’t Tried’ filter that’ll only display places you haven’t reviewed yet. Live a little! Try that nearby eatery you walk by every day on your way to work — it just might be your new favorite!

looloo Explore Filters: Best and Haven't Tried


looloo Explore Filters: Uncharted and Open Now

If you’re feeling really spontaneous, give the ‘Uncharted’ filter a try and bring out your inner Indiana Jones (Or, errrr… Lara Croft? For you youngins out there) by trying out places none of the 60,000+ looloo users have reviewed. Perfect for you folks who love surprises!

Now if you’re more for practicality over anything else, this next filter might be more up your alley. It’s 4AM, the bar’s closing up, and you’re about to pass out from hunger. Whip out looloo and get on the ‘Open Now’ filter to find the closest 24/7 McDonald’s or Jollibee. You’ll be glad you did when you’re chowing down on that burger while watching the sun come up!

looloo Explore Filters: Uncharted and Open Now

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! We’ve got one more filter in the works and it’s gonna be a BIG one… you might even say it’s quite special. ;)