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After working feverishly on making sure our friends on Android can also write looloo reviews, we thought we’d come up with something special for our friends who use their desktop computers/laptops a lot!

Write your looloo reviews using your favorite web browser.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to write reviews while at work (we won’t tell anyone!) or just because it’s much faster to write using your computer keyboard – the important thing is, you can now write reviews using your web browser! We just hope your favorite browser isn’t Netscape!

Step 1: Sign in to your looloo account!

looloo Web Sign-In

Go to and click on that sign-in button at the top right!

Step 2: Start writing reviews!

Write Reviews looloo

Yup! You can now write looloo reviews using your web browser!

Aside from writing reviews, you can also do all sorts of things that you used to only be able to do using the looloo app!

  1. Write comments on reviews – you can even tag/mention people you follow!
  2. Show your appreciation and like reviews.
  3. Follow other awesome looloo reviewers.
  4. Check your notifications!
  5. And even save places to your looloo lists.

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