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While the rest of world is currently gushing over the birth of His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge, we here at looloo also have a reason to celebrate. It may not be as royal and probably won’t end up on TMZ… but it does involve making looloo users feel like mini-royals with freebies and discounts!

Time to roll out the red carpet for looloo Specials Beta*!

Here’s a quick 5-step process you can follow to redeem one:

looloo Specials how-to

Aside from being able to redeem looloo Specials, we also managed to sneak in a couple of new features you can play around with on the app!

You can now add a photo even after you’ve posted your review!

Got too excited writing your review and forgot to attach your PicFramed, Picstitched or Snapseeded food photo collage? With looloo version 1.5, even after you’ve posted your review, you can still attach a photo! Just tap the Edit button at the bottom right of your review and choose “Add a Photo.”

Remember, this feature only works within 60 minutes after posting your review and it only works if there was no photo attached in your initial review. If you’ve already attached a photo… sorry, touch move!

Infinite scrolling!

Since it’s so easy to scroll down to load more reviews, we’ll all probably end up going on looloo for hours on end, craving for more food during odd hours of the day. For Explore results, this means we can see more places!

Mention anyone!

You can now mention anyone on the app! Just type the “@” symbol, the first few letters of someone’s name (e.g. “@Jac) and then pick the right person you’re trying to mention from the drop down list!

Create lists directly from the Lists tab!

We also made it a lot easier to make your own looloo list! Just go to the Lists tab, scroll down and tap “Create a New List”! Voila! You can create all sorts of looloo lists to organize the places you want to visit, want to go back to, or want to recommend to other people. For the OC looloo user, this might just be the best feature!

*looloo Specials are available only in Metro Manila.