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Aaand just like that, the first quarter of 2018 has come and gone. Thankfully though, according to PAGASA, summer just officially started 2 days ago — which means we can still squeeze in a quick giveaway before the rainy season starts!

Ladies and gents, welcome to this year’s looloo Summer Giveaway!

We’re making it a lot simpler this time: no category winners, no longest review winner, no bonus prizes! Just ~twenty~ prizes to be randomly given away to twenty different looloo reviewers.

The looloo Summer Giveaway

Yup, you read that right. 20 prizes waiting for 20 different winners. Remember: You can only win a random prize once!

What are the 20 prizes anyway?

▪️1 Nintendo Super NES Classic Edition
▪️1 NBA 2K18 for PS4
▪️A Giant Swan Float (trust us, this one is YUGE)
▪️An Inflatable Unicorn
▪️A 2-night stay at Eagle Point Resort (3 sets to give away!)
▪️Php 1,000 worth of Halal Guys GCs (5 sets to give away!)
▪️Php 1,000 worth of SM GCs (5 sets to give away!)
▪️Php 1,500 worth of Pound GCs
▪️Php 500 worth of Toby’s Estate GCs
▪️Php 500 worth of Costa Coffee GCs

All you have to do is make sure you write a qualified entry (which tbh, you should be writing more because duh, more entries means more chances of winning!) and tune in to our Twitter account when we announce the winners!

The most important question: How do you join???

▪️Use the hashtag #looloosummergiveaway2018. You only need to use it once. Our system can identify your qualified entry as long as you spell the hashtag correctly.

When you add the hashtag to any of your reviews (even if you add the hashtag during last day of the giveaway), your qualified entries will automatically be counted. We pinky swear, you do NOT need to add the hashtag to every single one of your reviews.

▪️All qualified looloo reviews written beginning April 11, 2018 will count!
▪️Check that you’ve successfully joined the giveaway by going to Just type in your email address that’s associated with your looloo account (you can check your looloo profile tab) and hit enter to find out!
▪️Et voila! Now you can start earning qualified entries!

OK but how do you earn a qualified review?

▪️The review has to have a photo.
▪️The review has to have at least 1,000 characters.
▪️The review has to have been submitted beginning April 11, 2018.

The giveaway ends on May 7, 2018!!!

We will announce the winner on Twitter on May 9, 2018. There may or may not be a looloo pop quiz with matching prizes!