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Here’s something special for our looloo friends with blogs, Twitter accounts, and those who just love to personalize everything! No, we won’t offer embroidered towels or pamaypays. We’ll have something even better: you’ll soon be able to personalize your looloo profile page!

Have a look and see if you can spot the changes!

New looloo Profile Page

Aside from the fact that St. Nicholas apparently has a whopping score of 68 for his Inflooence (pretty sure those looloo credits are from his Nice list), here are some of the new things we’ll have on your profile page:

  • Your very own looloo bio! You have 150 characters or less to think about how you can describe yourself to the looloo community. Or fine, you can also use love, motivational, or even Señora Angelica Santibañez quotes.
  • Add your Twitter account! Annoyed by people who keep telling you that “someone is saying awful things about you” on Twitter? We can’t stop them from mentioning or following you, but we can help get your real looloo friends follow you instead!
  • Add your blog URL, favorite website, or even a link to one of the best trolling techniques.
  • Introducing: the Most Recent Activity Feed! Tired of memorizing who you followed, which review you liked, or even commented on? What? You don’t do that? That’s perfect! Because with our all-new Most Recent Activity Feed, you no longer have to!

You’ll now also be able to see who the thoughtful person is behind that place recommendation! <3 Have a look at the Lists tab!

There you have it! The app update should be available and ready for download from the App Store as soon as… tomorrow! Woohoo!

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