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Yes, we have a few extra dark circles around our eyes. Some of us are even suffering from severe Call of Duty withdrawal symptoms. But with looloo version 1.4 now LIVE on the App Store and us seeing a couple of our Twitter and Facebook friends showing support for it… maybe looking like video game-deprived racoons ain’t so bad after all!

We’re hoping you guys like what we’ve cooked up!

Restaurant Menus on looloo

This has got to be one of the most requested features! We’ve seen this one everywhere: email, social media, and even heard it during meetups and rendezvoos! If we ate a slice of deep fried chocolate cake each time we got this request, we’d probably be in the hospital by now. Ha.

So today we’re happy to announce that we’re rolling out menus for restaurants (even spas and salons) and will be adding new ones daily! Now you can check what menu items a restaurant offers and how much they cost! Say goodbye to asking “How are the prices here?” on someone’s looloo review!


The place profile page also got redesigned! You can now easily review and call a place, add it to a list, check out what they offer and even find out its store hours!

Don’t have the looloo iPhone app? Just go to on any web browser, search for a place, and if we have its menu, you’ll see the “View Menus” button! Our in-house unicorns are working twice as hard to make sure we have more menus rolled out every day!

UPDATE: If you’d like to send in or update the menu of your favorite place on the app, simply send an email to! You can attach menu photos, digital copies of them, you name it!

Google Maps Integration

We now use Google’s pretty maps for places on looloo!


Not only does it look nicer, it’s also a lot more accurate! Oh and if you have the Google maps app, it will also automagically open up if you use the “Get Directions” feature! Beautimous!

Delete Typo-Ridden Comments


Accidentally used “they’re” instead of “their”? Don’t panic. You won’t need to flood someone’s comment thread with corrections! You can just delete that typo-ridden comment and write a new one!

Just swipe to delete! Swiper, yes swiping!

A Special Thank You to Our looloo Bug Reporters

The bug squashing that we’ve done in this update wouldn’t be possible without these awesome looloo reporters who were quick to let us know about them darn bugs!

looloo bug reporters

Thank you to Jay S. for being extra observant and spotting the outdated Twitter share button on looloo. We are now using the most recent Twitter logo for the share button!

Thank you to Marc Rendl I. for requesting this one: You can now double tap on the Feed tab to scroll up to the topmost review! (As an alternative, you can also tap on the topmost bar where the time is and it will also bring you to the topmost review.)

Thank you to Avery M., Aika C., Melissa P. and Theresa L., for spotting the commenting bug! We’ve squashed that one with our bakya!

Oh and for the extra observant ones, we also removed the Recommend to All button! Now you’ll have to be extra thoughtful when picking and choosing who to recommend those places to! This should help bump up that inflooence score!