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We just held our second-ever looloo rendezvoos! Thank goodness our invitees said yes to the 9 A.M. meeting time! On a Saturday!

For those who aren’t familiar with how a rendezvoos works, we basically invite about 6-8 really active looloo users to get together and go to a place they can review on looloo! The invitees don’t know where they’re going until the day itself. The restaurant, spa, or salon we’re going to also have no clue we’re going to be there! The most awesome part for the looloo invitees? The whole thing is on us! Well, except for transportation – our unicorns are always fully booked.

For last Saturday’s rendezvoos, we decided to give in to the latest trend and try out IHOP. With social media all abuzz about its opening (we went during their 3rd day!), we weren’t too surprised to see hordes of people waiting outside. Good thing we had Jacy L. wait in line to get a table for us!

looloo ihop rendezvoos

We then met up with the rendezvoos group in front of the fountain in Bonifacio High Street Central. Their marker? Me wearing a Minnie Mouse headband and using an umbrella. See how cool we are. O__o

looloo users are thankfully very kind since they didn’t pretend not to see me and EJ sweating buckets, looking like absolute dorks in the middle of the BHS plaza. Ha. They actually came up to us and introduced themselves!

Our looloo breakfast turned out to be so much fun that we were literally minutes away from getting kicked out of the place. We stayed at the restaurant for about THREE hours! From favorite pancake places to beki words, the only thing we probably didn’t talk about was the darn Harlem Shake.

looloo rendezvoos ihop group

Another cool thing about this rendezvoos? It gave birth to the first ever Bekinese looloo review!

Thank you again Ariane L., Miri A., Jairus D., Dianne E., April V., Ina D., and Abe C. for chilling with us on a Saturday morning! We had so much fun hanging out with you!


  1. Jaypee David
    February 20, 2013

    Oooh, the Spa Rendezvoos sounds heaven to me!! ^___^

    • Peanut Dela Cruz
      February 20, 2013

      I hope you’ll be able to join us for that Jaypee!!!! We keep missing you! :(