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Last week was a big deal for The looloo Crew — we hosted the very first looloo rendezvoos! The theme of this mini-milestone: BRUNCH!

Looloo app Rendezvoos Meetups

Asking extremely nicely to not seem like total creepos, we got in touch with and invited a few of looloo’s top reviewers to join us for a quick get-together. In hindsight, we were surprised they even showed up given the extreme level of dorkiness of our invitation!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it (Yes, please read this in the corny secret-agent voice for maximum effect):

Disguised as ordinary iPhone-wielding citizens, ambush an unsuspecting food establishment. Taste their dishes. Sample their beverages. Critique their service. With your looloo iPhone apps, submit honest and unbiased reviews to share with your friends and followers.

Regardless, it was an awesome turnout! As soon as our group of hungry foodies got together, we marched our empty stomachs on to kuppa for some grub!

looloo app Brunch Rendezvous Group Shot

Thank you for being there, Matthew L., Celine S., Kux C., Caroline C., Yohan C., Ruby, and Edwin I.! (Be sure to follow them on the looloo app for awesome reviews!)

We thought it’d be a good opportunity to see some of our most active users using the app first-hand. Man did we get waaaay more than we bargained for. More than getting to hear about what they thought about the looloo app, the highlight of the event was the good conversation about all things food — favorite restaurants, hole-in-the-wall discoveries, and with a quick discussion on the (apparently edible) Tamilok, even our own gross-out cuisine experiences.

looloo rendezvoos restaurant reviews - kuppa

Great food and awesome company make for a Saturday morning well-spent by any standards! Keep those reviews coming and keep an eye out for our emails, you just might be one of our next invitees!

Hint: Our next rendezvoos might just be something our female reviewers might enjoy. Any guesses? Teehee.