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I don’t know about you guys, but Mexican food’s always been a bit of a brain-bender for me. My simple-minded understanding of Mexican food is that if it ends ta, to, or cho/co, it’s probably Mexican. Think about it: margarita, fajita, mojito, taco, nacho. Ha!


And ’til this day, the differences between a burrito, taco, and fajita still confuse me.

My total Mexican food n00b-ness aside, Filipinos seem to really love the stuff. Heck, we’ve even put our own Pinoy twist on it with the now-blooming Fil-Mex food category (Sisig tacos? Who would’ve thought??). Here’s an idea/quick brain fart: LECHON TACOS. To whoever decides to do it: Shut up and take my money!

As tribute its fiery hot flavors, we’re featuring Mexican for our latest Foodie Pics of the Week — some of the most delicioso-looking photos taken by our looloo app users! Ole!



Nachos – Sherrielyn V. in her review for Ristras



Monterey Jack and Cheddar Cheese Quesadilla – Crichelle F. in her review for Hermanos Taco Shop



Mexican Fiesta Pollo Asado – April G. in her review for Orale Taqueria Mexicana