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It’s Week 2 of looloo’s Foodie Pics of the Week — where we feature only the most mouthwatering photos from restaurant reviews YOU sent in through the looloo app!

This week’s theme: RAMEN! With the ramen craze spreading like wildfire throughout Metro Manila, I thought it apt to feature the best noodle photos I could find. With so many elements to consider, taking a good ramen photo is an art — these photos were tough to find but I worked my ninja skills to uncover the best. Itadakimasu!!!


Braised Beef Dry Noodles - San Seh Noodle House looloo review

Braised Beef Dry Noodles – Maxene Magalona in her review for San Seh Noodle House


Shoyu Tonkotsu Ramen - Ramen Yushoken looloo review

Shoyu Tonkotsu Ramen – Patty M. in her review for Ramen Yushoken


Spicy Karaage Ramen - Ramen Bar looloo review

Spicy Karaage Ramen – Pat L. in her review for Ramen Bar