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Just from the number of “OMG time to work on my Bora body!” posts I’ve seen lately, it’s pretty clear… summer has arrived. Yes, VJ Greg’s favorite time of the year is in full stride — beach-bound promo flights are fully-booked, vacation leave requests are piling up and people are unboxing their mmmmm… b’kiniz.

While we can’t be on vacation ALL THE TIME, there’s always the simple joy of enjoying a nice cup of froyo to cool down on those extra pawisin days. Hence, the theme of this week’s Foodie Pics of the Week from looloo app reviewers: FROZEN YOGURT!

Red Mango - looloo Restaurant Review

Strawberry, Caramel, and Chocolate on Froyo – Tracy M.

in her review for Red Mango


Pinkberry - looloo Restaurant Review

Assorted Froyo Selection – April V. in her review for Pinkberry


The White Hat - looloo Restaurant Review

Mango Toppings on Froyo – Tina L. in her review for The White Hat