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Calling himself “The Fat Kid Inside,” a title he carries even on the looloo app, Erwan Heussaff has made a name for himself around foodie circles with this blog of the same name. He’s a prime example of someone who’s truly passionate about food. With his no-nonsense take on healthy eating (at least most of the time… he seems to still love things like Nutella) and fitness, he shares his own recipes and food-related posts on

Erwan "The Fat Kid Inside" Heussaff on the looloo iPhone app!

Dropping almost half his weight over the years, the fat kid is clearly only on the inside these days!

Erwan strays from the traditional food blog formula of restaurant reviews, and instead, puts his own samurai-like culinary skills on display. It doesn’t take much for one to realize that he’s more than just a pretty face and six-pack abs (Yes, I’m a dude and I’m calling him pretty. Get over it.) — watch his recent Youtube videos and you’ll see why local food blog even featured him with an article describing “Why You Should Never Engage Erwan Heussaff in a Sword Fight.” — I saw the video below and I must say, I wouldn’t dare.

And no, young grasshopper, one doesn’t become a kitchen ninja through healthy eating alone. Erwan advocates exercise as a must-have complement to any diet as any one of his Twitter followers could probably attest to. Personally, seeing him tweet about his mornings swims, runs, and bike rides crushes my self-esteem makes me want to get off my butt too.

Erwan Heussaff the athlete -- on the looloo iPhone app!

The most-followed Suggested User on looloo, Erwan’s already left reviews for a bunch of Metro Manila’s well known places and even a few not-so-famous ones. His discerning taste when it comes to food becomes really clear when you read his reviews, so if he gives a place 4 or 5 stars, you can be SURE it’s good.

Erwan Heussaff -- Suggested User on the looloo iPhone app!

Read Erwan’s reviews, leave him comments, and for the girls out there, stare at his profile picture by getting on the iPhone app and following The Fat Kid Inside!

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